I wanted to let you guys know how much my girlfriend adored her New Mama gift box. It definitely made an impression with the oldies at the baby shower, they laughed so much!

(Luxurious New Mum Gift Hamper)

Steph O.

Oh my goodness, there is everything I need to recover from my VBAC. All my friends are going to get a kit like this.

(First Time Mum Gift Hamper)

Vidya P.

Hilarious! My New Mama Kit was just what I needed among all the baby shower gifts. I devoured the chocolate, made myself a cup of sensual tea and got straight into my massive pair of undies in my last week before the birth!

(First Time Mum Gift Hamper)

Tina M.

The New Mumma Care pack kit was the perfect corporate maternity leave pressie for my workmate - so much funkier than a bunch of flowers or voucher. Our colleague was thrilled, thank you.

Bec C.

I've bought a few friends the new mama kit. They've all loved how unique it is and having a handwritten note with my message to them added a special person am feel.
I picked it over other gift hampers because it's just for the mum, it got delivered straight to her and its a good mix of luxury and useful gifts. Its my go-to pregnant mum gift now.

Sharon S.

My partner loved her gift hamper, it came really quickly too. She appreciated the nice tea and chocolate when in hospital and raved about the ear plugs to block out noise. Totally recommend as a partner gift, can't get it wrong.

David P.

I was so happy to be able to gift my girlfriend such a beautiful, caring and nurturing gift. It was honestly the only non-baby gift that she received at her baby shower. The only gift that was about honoring her - not just the cute baby that was about to arrive.
I am so proud of my girlfriend for the motherhood journey she is undertaking and this was the perfect gift to represent how I feel.
The packaging was perfect and the ordering and delivery process was brilliant.
Thanks New Mama Kit!! Love your work!

Carly C.

I've now bought new mama kits for two friends (one Sydney, one Melbourne). The owner is prompt and helpful with advice on delivery. Both the new mums were really happy with the contents in the kits.

Libby B.

These packs are amazing!!! Filled with items that provide a new Mumma with some much needed tender loving care and some things that she needs but didn’t even know she needs!! Every item is carefully considered. They are nurturing and nourishing and a great, easy way to let a new Mum know that you’re thinking of her ❤️

Emma H.