Hello and welcome to New Mama Kit

I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Belinda, and I am an IVF mama to one cheeky, beautiful, strong willed, fun little girl.

Having gone through years of IVF, I have a deep
understanding and compassion for not only what it takes to be a (new) mum, but also the strength it takes from becoming pregnant, giving birth, recovering and raising a child (or multiple) and how much support we need both mentally and physically throughout the entire process.

I have always loved gift giving - regularly creating my own hampers for organisations like Ronald McDonald house, Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit Nepean Hospital and other similar charities as well for friends and family. So when i got the opportunity to take over New Mama Kit, it felt like it was meant to be!

It is my ultimate goal with New Mama Kit to create practical, nurturing and loving gift hampers that can be provided to a mum (& dad too because they are just as important!) during all stages of pregnancy to help with the mental and physical wellbeing so they feel that little bit more supported, loved and have access to items they may not think of getting themselves.

We often find that when women become pregnant, or give birth that all the fuss becomes about the child (and rightly so!) but often the mum (and parents) can be forgotten about which is where New Mama Kit comes in, so you can let your loved one know you are there for them as much as bubs!

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With love,

Belinda, Mina and Dimyanna.