Fun Ideas for the Baby Shower!

A baby shower is when a new mum enjoys her precious last baby-free weeks with close friends and family, and often includes gifts for the new mums and dads.

Are you planning to go to a baby shower for the mum-to-be? Wondering what the best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Mums is? Read on for some great ideas from one of Australia’s favourite pregnancy gift shops - New Mama Kit.

Best gifts for baby showers:

  • Comfortable clothing

Mum-to-be often feels like none of her existing clothing fits well and they start feeling bad about their body. But getting some new clothes that are comfortable or easy to breastfeed in, can be a great gift.

Gifting some comfortable clothing can give the desired relief to the new mum-to-be and help her adore her baby with the new life living within.

  • Gift Hampers for Postpartum

Gifts are always a crucial part of the celebrations and have the ability to change the entire mood. Getting some pregnancy gift hampers can make the new mum happy and super excited to welcome the newly borne to the world.

The gift hampers may include the stuff for mum, the new baby, or the dad; choose the one that you think about as per your experience and see the excitement in their eyes.

  • Gifts to help first time mums

If your pregnant friend is a first time Mum, chances are she’s focussed on the cute baby things and has forgotten about her own recovery and mental health preparation. A great gift idea for first-time Mums is a collection of items that help her heal and feel great. Notepad and pen, candle or tea to help her feel calm, or items that can help her physically recover from birth such as maternity pads, soluble fibre or soothing body creams.

  • Baby products

From day one, the new mums begin planning for their baby. And from taking care to buying new clothes for the baby or thinking of their future, everything becomes a crucial part of the journey. And so, gifting baby products can be a crucial part of their journey.

Gift the new mum some baby care products that tend to run out quickly, such as newborn nappies, talc powder or nappy rash cream.

  • A delivery essentials bag

Rushing to the hospital as the new mum is about to deliver the new life, a delivery-related essential bag is one of the most important things people often forget to maintain.

And that is where gifting a delivery essential bag can be helpful for the new mum-to-be. Check out some usable bags and fill them with several baby care essentials.

What will you gift a new mum or pregnant woman?

Planning gifts for the baby shower or new mum-to-be can be complicated. We hope the above-mentioned pregnancy gifts for first time mums were helpful to you. However, you can always explore something new for the new mums to be or new mums at New Mama Kit and participate in excitingly gifting items like never before.

Image credit: Pexels.

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