Stella, NSW:

I wanted to let you guys know how much my girlfriend adored her New Mama gift box. It definitely made an impression with the oldies at the baby shower, they laughed so much!

(Luxurious New Mum Gift Box)

Vidya, NSW:

Oh my goodness, there is everything I need to recover from my VBAC. All my friends are going to get a kit like this.

(First Time Mum Gift Box)

Tina, QLD:

Hilarious! My New Mama Kit was just what I needed among all the baby shower gifts. I devoured the chocolate, made myself a cup of sensual tea and got straight into my massive pair of undies in my last week before the birth!

(First Time Mum Gift Box)

Sharon, VIC

The $59 kit was the perfect corporate maternity leave pressie for my workmate - so much funkier than a bunch of flowers or voucher. Our colleague was thrilled, thank you.