Why EA’s prefer this kind of maternity leave gift

Corporate gifting is a gesture of expressing your gratitude and appreciation to your employees. Employees are the real asset of any organization, and adding a new child to the family is an enormous millstone in their life. As an employer, it is your responsibility to celebrate these paramount moments for your employees, congratulate them, and exhibit your support throughout this new change in their life.

Executive assistants (EA’s), have the responsibility of purchasing a maternity leave gift. Female employees will never forget how their colleagues or company has made them feel. Champagne and flowers have been the maternity gift of choice for many years, but a modern supportive workplace who aims to welcome the woman back to their same role must provide a gift that supports her motherhood and mental health journey.

The best baby gifts for employees are those that are thoughtful, helpful, and have a warm, comforting touch. Meaningful gifts boost morale and make the employee feel more excited and peaceful about returning to a supportive company after completing their parental leave. You can curate a gift hamper with options like:
  • Dinner in a box
New mums love delicious and comforting food that they don’t have to prepare. Give them that few bites of comfort and prepare dinner and get it delivered to their doorstep. Add soup, rolls, and cookies with a personalized note and custom packaging to make it a memorable gift.
  • Date night gift basket
Trust us when we say this, new parents aren’t getting much time for a nice dinner or movie with a newborn in tow. Some parents don’t feel comfortable leaving their babies with a carer or relative. So, what you can do is bring the date time to them in a basket. Add a gift card for online movie rentals, popcorn, drinks, chocolates, and restaurant delivery service gift cards.
Shop for a beautiful maternity hamper that includes a range of practical and light-hearted goodies for New Mums who like to laugh. Gift the New Mum something she needs, and she will truly appreciate. Add items like an eye mask, chocolates, herbal tea, maternity pads, lip balm, ear plugs, Pocket Notepad, and Soluble Fibre Sachets. You can also add a personal message to make your gift complete!
  • Massage to her home
The mobile massage business is booming, so now is a great time to browse providers that can visit your female new mum colleague or employee at her home and treat her to a massage. With options from $100, the new mum can relax in her own home, and the therapists are understanding off mess, crying babies or partners roaming around.
  • Spa day
Self-care for new mums can be exhausting, especially for first-time mums. Send them a gift card to a local spa and give your employees time to spend with themselves. You can also encourage a spa day at home with a gift basket filled with self-care products.

In a country like Australia where industries such as finance, banking, law, and tech are filled with female employees; EAs and PAs must keep maternity leave gifts ideas up their sleeves! New Mama Kit is a convenient place to shop you need corporate maternity leave gifts on behalf of your company. We curate beautiful hampers for your pregnant friend or colleague that they will remember and appreciate for years to come. We can deliver straight to the recipient, be it home, office, or hospital in Australia or to your office if you wish to give the hamper to her at a farewell celebration.

A final note to all EA’s and PA’s in Australia; New mums that are part of your work team must be spoiled and pampered, because they deserve it. When a new baby joins the family, it’s a turning point in the lives of your employees. During this special time, parents value the help they receive, and you can strengthen relationships by offering support and well wishes. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated and is meaningful to any new parent.
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