Who should organise the maternity leave gift at your workplace?

Isn’t it funny how that #notinthejobdescription job of finding a suitable maternity leave gift gets lumped, last minute, with the person least qualified to choose it?

The mailroom person, the team newbie, the HR Manager who has met the woman once - how are these people expected to magically nail the baby shower gift ?? Not easily. And that’s why there are so many fails. Countless articles are floating around Facebook about the worst Corporate Maternity Leave Gifts ever given. Pregnancy gifts for colleagues that top the list are baby clothes (which are quickly outgrown), lotions and potions for bub (which may not be appropriate for baby’s skin), and of course vouchers (which are always appreciated but not at all personal).

Staff members who have purchased maternity leave gifts for women we’ve known include:
  • The 19 year old childless receptionist - totes unqualified!
  • The 65 year old male boss who had babies in the 1980s - hit and miss!
  • The 45 year old team leader who purchased a gift on her iphone and had it delivered within 24 hours of the woman exiting the building for maternity leave!

Ways to decide who should buy the maternity leave gift:

  1. Draw a name out of a hat
  2. Choose who ever can spell the woman’s middle name
  3. Give the job to who ever has the most children
  4. Please post in the comments any other awesome suggestions you have!!!

Next time your business needs a gift for a staff member going on maternity leave, send them to New Mama Kit Gift Hampers!

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