What to Put in a Baby and Mum Gifts Basket

The baby and mum bond is a precious one. They literally share everything, including an umbilical cord! Because babies are a part of their mums, they feel most comfortable when their mums are around them.

Mums and babies also share gifts - which is actually something we are trying to change! We believe that babies need certain things, like milk, warmth and love, while New Mothers need very different things… you know, like champagne, chocolate and silk pyjamas!

Let’s check out some exciting gift hampers for a new mums

  • Relax and recover hamper

It’s a new and unique feeling for new mums, but since the new mum has gone through so much pain and discomfort, giving her recovery and relaxation hamper by New Mama designed explicitly for the new mums can be a special way of saying take care.

This hamper birth box includes everything to make her feel more special and recover from all she went through.

  • First time mum hamper

Our First time mum hamper is an exciting gift hamper that has everything to make the motherhood experience a special one, since first timers need all the help they can get!

Something to celebrate, provide comfort, and many more items. So how can one think of going back to normal tedious gift items? Say you support the New Mum in a really fun and special way. Make sure to write a personal gift message to the new mum to congratulate her on being super.

  • Postpartum supplies

Wishing a speedy recovery to the new mums with some postpartum supplies can always be an exciting way of taking care of the new mum.

After giving birth to the new baby, emotional stress, paranoia, and lack of sleep, everything can be a part of the new mum’s routine. A special gesture from you cannot lessen the pain but make her feel special, at least.

So if you are wondering what to gift the new mum, postpartum supplies can be one of the fantastic ways to share feelings with the new mum. Partum panties, pads, perineum cooling spray and gels are all part of a great postpartum hamper.

  • BPA-free water bottle

Research suggests that there is some association between various health risks and compound BPA like augmented blood pressure. A water bottle with a “BPA-free” label can give some peace of mind to the new mums and assurance of using quality material that is not at all harmful to the baby since mothers would be feeding the little one. Make sure she can grab it with one hand a sip, it’s not good giving a drink bottle that needs an extra hand to remove a lid. She may be feeding or holding bub with one arm.

  • Coffee mug

Just about everybody loves a hot coffee. After having a lack of sleep or a tiring day, nothing helps better than a coffee. No one wants to compromise on a hot coffee turning cold and then taking a sip with tastelessness. Insulated mugs can keep the coffee hot for a longer time and let the new mum enjoy her coffee while performing the other essentials for the baby. A personalised mug with the new mum and baby’s picture can also be a special surprise for the new mum.

Bottom Line!

We hope this post gave you some ideas about making a new mum feel special.

However, you can choose any Gift Hamper for a New Mum and make her start of the journey even more special!

Stay tuned for more exciting ideas.

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