What To Give A New Mum When You Can't Visit Her?

Gifts for New Mums are greatly appreciated during this overwhelming time of ‘firsts’. In unfamiliar territory it can be hard to keep up. They deal with not having enough sleep, a new routine, and adapting to the constant postpartum responsibilities. Not to mention taking care of an actual human! Plus, all the stress brought about by COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for 2020’s New Mums.

Consultants at Rapid Biz advocate on the importance of healthy families. Director Lola Hood says, "There are several ways to support new Mamas. They're the most selfless individuals we know. With postpartum and the pandemic, now more than ever, they need love and support. A little spoiling and self-pampering would make them feel they're not alone in their journey and they have someone to count on."

Below are some of the best gifts you can get for new Mums, even when you can't pay her a visit.

Something Healthy To Eat

A nutritious meal is not only a great way of telling her that you care, but it's also a must for her wellbeing. She is healing, breastfeeding, and paying attention to a new baby, which requires a tremendous amount of strength. A new mother can focus more on these things if doesn’t have to plan her meals.

Grocery Deliveries

In the meantime, everyone is advised to stay at home to avoid the transmission of coronavirus. Of course, a trip to the grocery store is an exception. But this is still no place for a woman in her fourth trimester. Heading to the grocery store, juggling baby supplies, grocery bags, sanitizers, and face masks spells disaster. So, ask for her shopping list and get the groceries for her. Or order them online and have them delivered right to their doorstep. It may seem trivial, but it’s a huge thing for new mothers, especially in this pandemic.

New Mama Postpartum Care Kit

Another thoughtful gift-idea is to send her a New Mum Care pack to help with the postpartum period. It's a hamper filled to the brim with postpartum essentials and some stuff for self-pampering. She will love and actually use pads, tea, lotion, notepad, and everything else that they don’t tell you about before you have a baby. A new mama kit would show her that she's not forgotten during this challenging time.


Clothes could be one of the unusual presents to give a new mum, but still one of the most intimate and appreciated when you get it right. It's great to have so many lovely baby presents, but a comfy dress or a feeding-friendly blouse is one thing just for her. She may have been wearing the same clothes on repeat for weeks from a particular phase of postpartum.

Still Confused About What To Give A New Mum?

The simple truth is the new parents would welcome any gestures of thoughtfulness.

Whether it's a New Mama Kit that arrives with a personalised handwritten card, or a phone call when you can't pay a visit. In the end, your friendship is the best gift you can offer.