What to Gift a New Mum Friend

So, you’ve found a cute onesie for the baby, and a funny paternity leave kit for the Dad… what about the New Mum?

New Mums face a lot of challenges - they’re practically superheroes! You’re probably confused now because it seems like they deserve everything. The key considerations when shopping for maternity leave gift are comfort, wellness, and convenience.

We’ve interviewed several experienced mamas to find out what products best helps women who are transitioning to motherhood.

  • Pamper Pack

Remind your friend that despite her new responsibilities, she still has her own identity. A pamper pack can help her indulge at home and regain confidence. Some great inclusions are:

  • Bath salts
  • Body scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Scented candles
  • Moisturising lotion
  • Facial masks
  • A snug bathrobe
  • Salon Home Service

With a baby in tow, most Mums would rather stay at home than visit the salon. Instead of giving her a gift card, try to find a salon that offers home services. Perhaps do a google maps search around her home and go from there.

  • A Weekend Away

Leisure Travel Advisor from Credit Capital, Alister Clare advises, “A day or two away from her usual routine can help your friend regain balance and clarity. But this gift should be planned carefully. Schedule this during the 2nd trimester because at this point her body has adjusted to pregnancy. Avoid the 3rd trimester because she might prefer to stay close to home as the delivery date approaches. If your friend has given birth already, discuss the idea with her. If she likes it, help her make the preparations.”


  • A Box of Snacks

The first few weeks of the baby can be extremely busy, preventing parents from having proper meals. A supply of guilt-tree snacks can fuel them through round-the-clock feeding and lullabies. Consider gifting your friend a subscription box of organic products.

  • Fresh Meals

Of course, you don’t want her to live on snacks only. Bring her home-cooked meals (her favourite dish, if possible!) or find a local food service that can deliver gourmet meals to her doorstep. Most New Mums vote that a simple home cooked meal is better than any other gift!

  • Cleaning Service

Gift the family with a cleaner and fresher home by hiring a cleaning service for them. Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or one-time deep cleaning, it’s going to lift a huge burden from their shoulders.

  • Gift of Company

Sometimes pregnant women and new Mums feel disconnected from the rest of the world because their activities are limited. Some company could cheer her up.

Invite her for a long lunch at her favourite restaurant. Visit her and help her with household chores. Join her in some last-minute shopping. A call every now and then will definitely be appreciated.

Remind her that she’s taken on the biggest job in the world and that you’re proud of her. Want to read what some of our New mama Kit gift buyers say to their New Mum friends? Click here and get inspired by our featured messages.

If you don’t have time to prepare a gift, give her a hamper from New Mama Kit. We offer perfectly-timed hampers for new mothers which contain some of the things they need but wouldn’t exactly ask for. We work with several brands that are also dedicated to the wellbeing and recovery of new mothers. Oh! We also have paternity kits!

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