What should go inside a DIY kit for New Mums? We ask 25 Sydney Mums.

Most women who have had a baby agree that New Mama Kit contents they valued most in those first few weeks were items that made them feel better and recover faster.

Our interviews with 25 Sydney Mums clearly showed that the best gifts are those from the heart - such as home cooked meals delivered to the parents, someone to fold some washing or run a few errands, and visits that HELP the New Mama, not create more work for her!

But for those of us working full time or with a family of our own, it can be difficult to make more than one meal or visit a couple of times. That's when you need a heart-felt gift that helps the New Mama to feel better and heal her body from birth.

Voted the most appreciated birth gifts:

  • Spray or soak to heal the perineum area
  • Eye Mask for day naps
  • Note pad and pen for remembering feeds and Nurse tips
  • A freshly cooked meal
  • Slippers for hanging out at home - ideal for winter births!
  • Chewing Gum incase you don't have time to brush!
  • Chocolate - no brainer!
  • Extra big pair of undies, to house the huge maxi pads you have to wear after birth
  • Maternity pads (U by Kotex Maternity Pads got the most votes)
  • Dry Shampoo - New Mums get extra sweaty at night and don't have much time to shower!

Thanks to the group of Mums who voted for their fave items, it's helped us on the journey of creating New Mama Kit.

So, if you don't have time to DIY the above list for a New Mum, we've got just the thing!

We've just launched a range of gorgeous hampers for New Mamas - which have EVERYTHING New Mamas need to help her heal and relax in the first few weeks post birth. We have taken great care to curate the very best products, and package them up in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. Take a look...!

Forget fluffy bunnies and baby jumpsuits - she has more than enough of those from everyone else. Give her a gift you can both have a laugh at and make a real difference to her health and wellbeing.