What Are The Best Gifts For New Mums Australia Has?

Well, we have the most fantastic gift for all these super mums who are always thinking about their families. Ask a new mum what she wants, and she will probably have a list of what her child needs. As for herself, she might not have anything to say.

New Mama Kit has the best gifts for new mums Australia offers. Whether it is her birthday, a welcome home gift, or a token of appreciation, these gift baskets will make an amazing present.

What makes New Mama Kit hampers the best gifts for new mums Australia has?

Well, where do we start? These baskets are curated with one thing in mind - mums and their comfort. Every item in the hamper is handpicked by veteran mums who know how difficult the postpartum journey is. So, everything in the basket is there to make the life of mums easier.

The New Mama Kit baskets are all-inclusive and practical. They locally source the items where possible, and reduce packaging with a 100% recyclable cardboard hamper that looks luxurious and fun. Oh, and the baskets are super cute. Trust us; the new mums will love it!

One of our popular baskets, the luxurious new mum hamper is just that - pampering goodies from head to toe for a woman in her new days of parenting or packing her hospital bag.

What is in the gift hampers?

If we could describe it in one word, it would be love. We wish nothing but love and strength for the new mums. We tried to include everything a mum would need to fuel her for the rather hectic days ahead of her. From late-night snacks to products to pamper her, we have covered everything. Some of the items we have are-

  • A huge chocolate bar

Because a little doesn't always go a long way, our gift hamper has a big bar of chocolate for the nights she gets a sweet tooth or feels like having some.

  • Piccolo Sparkling

If the new mum wants her mommy juice, treat her with this remarkable Sparkling Piccolo as a treat. She will love it!

  • Herbal tea

Nothing soothes you better than a hot cup of tea and a little nap. While we take no guarantee for a siesta, herbal tea will have to do.

  • Chewing gum

When a baby comes, everything is about them, and rightfully so. Mint gum will help you get by until you get time for yourself. Pop one of them open, and no one will suspect you didn't get time to brush your teeth.

  • Affirmation cards

On the days you feel anything less than Wonder Woman, pick one of these up and remember the queen that you are. You are a supermum, and you go this.c

The baskets range from $79 and $199. Seriously, a decent bouquet delivery would cost you more. You get free shipping all over the country, and we even offer express shipping. The affordability and utility of these baskets make them rather great gifts for new mums Australia and around.

What are you waiting for? Place an order now and get the mums one (or more) of these stunning gift hampers. We know she will love it!