Unique Gifting Ideas for Dads

Giving birth to a child is precious for new mums, but the feeling is no different for first-time dads. It is as memorable as it is for a new mum!

Being a parent of a newly born baby, both mum and dad enter a new life where not only a child has taken birth, but the parents also take a new birth. It’s like travelling from being just partners, to becoming a parenting unit!

And this truly makes sense that the first-time dad also deserves a token of love.

Here are our very best gifts for first-time dads.

Unique gift ideas for first time dads!

  • New Dad Kit

Because becoming a dad is so special, the new dad kit has some cool ways of celebrating new dads. Rather than just searching for the gift items alone, packing them in one wrap, and then sharing them, you can easily personalise the best gifts for first-time dads with new dad kits. Our New Dad Kit includes a to-do list which helps him settle into a really supportive role, going beyond the boxed gift content.

  • Super delicious dad gift

Taking care of the newborn is extraordinarily time-consuming and challenging as well. And during which the parents often forget to take care of themselves. Just like mums, dads also forget to eat sometimes, which should be taken care of.

Get a jerky gift box that offers some delicious snacks for dad. Such gifts comprise everything you require to show care and affection towards the new dads. Fruit and nut trail mixes are also pretty popular with the blokes. Avoid Dad-bod, make sure the snacks are nutritious!

  • Dad and baby’s matching sets

Matching sets have been in trend for many years and will remain. Just like matching sets with mums, you can choose to share some baby and dad matching clothing sets. Printed tees with #1 Dad might be a bit tired, but their initials printed could be very cute! This can be very creative, and simultaneously, the new parents also enjoy being dressed up in new and funny outfits matching their baby’s clothes.

  • A great bottle of bubbles

Wines are often chosen for the celebrations. Since becoming a Dad is itself a huge reason for celebration, gifting wine to the new dad gives a sense of joy to them. Gift the wine on their special occasion and become a part of their celebration with a raised toast! New Mama Kit choose sparkling piccolo for an authentic celebration! But you could also choose a zero alcohol version for him.

  • Caffeine is must-have, are we right?

For new parents, caffeine is the primary source that keeps them energised to take care of the child. A sweet gesture of sharing a mug that keeps their coffee hot can be a great addition to sharing their celebrations. Instant cappuccinos are a great pick me up and don’t take much effort to prepare.

  • Kit Gift Card

A Gift card from your favourite store always works fantastically! Let the dads choose whatever they like and show how much you care for them.

  • Take care!

Just like mums, dads also need some relaxation to give their total energy while caring for the babies. And similarly, they also require rest to do household jobs and take care of the baby when at home.

Final Takeaway

Thinking of doing something special for the new Dad can be pretty complicated. But when done thoughtfully, it can help them take care of the baby and Mother. However, the new way of sharing these celebration moments is choosing wisely the first-time gifts for new Dads. And gift hampers are a unique way of sharing this token of love!

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