Unboxing. Why opening a gift box is great for New Mums

If you haven’t heard of the trend of Unboxing, it is a huge industry where people post videos of themselves taking things out of boxes. Walter Isaacson from Apple's packaging said: “Steve [Jobs] and I spent a lot of time on the packaging. I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.” Perhaps that’s why we don't’ grow out of this special ritual, perhaps it’s a fundamental characteristic of humans that we want to know what is hidden inside something, we are naturally curious.

Unboxing is fun for New Mums and New Dads.. not just kids

Close your eyes and imagine your friend or family member who has just become a new mum, opening up a gift box you have sent to her. What expression does she have on her face? How does she feel? What does she say? She is unboxing a gift from you and there is a magic and psychology around the humble gift box.

The magical feeling of opening up a box of treasures doesn't just end in childhood. Kids are excellent at getting excited, jittery and, let's admit, a little impatient at receiving and opening presents (or disappointment if it was the wrong size Batman figurine…true story).

Adults aren’t much different. We are just grown-up kids really. Wonder and pure excitement may be less common (or more restrained) in adult life that is true, so presenting a new mum with a magical moment like opening a gift box is a pretty special gift in itself. The ritual of unboxing or unwrapping is one that is here to stay, a ritual thousands of years old and no wonder, it’s a joyous and fun way to give and receive a gift.

How unboxing a gift benefits the New Mum’s wellbeing

Let’s zoom in on the new mum… You can see the excitement and anticipation in her face, her fingers are working fast to rip the tape off vigorously abandoning finesses - as is her right. You can sense her feeling the pleasure of getting closer to the treasure. Her words will be those of pleasure and gratitude, oohs and ahs.. We LOVE those sounds! You both are producing Oxytocin - the love hormone and it is proven that giving and receiving gifts releases endorphins and dopamine. So, even if you're not there in front of her and have sent her a giftbox from somewhere interstate or across the country there’s a lovebeam coming right back your way!

This very experience is nothing short of magic.

Why unboxing a gift hamper is so important in a pandemic

Opening a gift box is about connection, sharing and love. She has just given birth! She has just gone through a rite of passage into motherhood. We’re pretty sure this new mum isn’t lying on a bed of rose petals being fed chocolate and having her feet massaged. She is probably exhausted, raw, emotional and in need of some pampering and practical support. She has been giving of herself to her baby - a beautiful and constant gift - which makes this such a beautiful way for her to receive, it's a way for you to fill her cup.

So really, giving a new mum a gift box of delights means more during times like these. The gift box magic has two elements to it; 1. The unboxing or process of opening the gift box, and then 2. the revelling in the gifts themselves. The utter delight in the process of unwrapping, unboxing, opening - whatever you call it - is bloody wonderful and never gets old. Picking up each treasure, each gift, turning it in your hands, talking about how you will use it, that's the other magical element.

Unbox a New Mama Kit today!

New Mama Kit gift boxes are lovingly handpacked. Each gift is carefully placed on fine tissue paper, nestled in their own little spot. Presented in a way that some gifts are hidden underneath others making the oohing and aahing last longer.

We hand write the note that has been sent through which is an important personal touch that new mums especially appreciate.

We send each New Mama Kit gift box off with good wishes and a blessing so that when it reaches her, she feels all the good vibes in the process from you, to us, to her.

Perhaps the only downside to receiving a giftbox like New Mama Kit is we might wet our pants with pure excitement and anticipation which I can attest to being something that many new mums can relate to… What we can also attest to is the importance that all new mums deserve and need to feel connected, appreciated and supported. Gift boxes are a way to add wonder, fun, love and excitement to this personal exchange.