Top Five Modern Myths About Pregnancy by New Mama Kit

The myths or tales we hear about birth are often passed down from older and wiser women who’ve been Mums themselves. And while Dr Google or a textbook is a great comfort to practical women, are the top 5 modern myths about pregnancy more relevant for today’s pregnant women?

With the help of technology, it’s easier to answer some common myths about pregnancy. The team at New mama Kit have collected a list of the top 5 common pregnancy myths from various cultures and countries and explained the reasoning behind them. Read through the article, and you will also get ideas for how you can ignore the myths and take care of yourself during pregnancy or postpartum recovery by using our care pack for new mum.

Myth-1 (You have to eat for two)

Well, this is certainly not completely true; however, partially, it is true! There is no evidence that you have to eat double the quantity of food when pregnant. In fact, overeating can cause maternal weight gain and even child obesity. Based on scientific discoveries, your baby can easily survive and get the desired nourishment for nearly six months without you taking any extra calories.

However, you might need extra energy and calories when you are around 8 or 9 months pregnant or trimester. Thus, eating a little above your average calorie count, like about 200-300 calories, is advisable during the trimester phase. But make sure you eat nutritious and healthy food. Prefer eating home-cooked food.

Myth-2 (You can’t drink caffeine during pregnancy)

Based on various medical research, it's recommended that you drink caffeine in moderate amounts, as it's completely safe for both the mum and baby. But make sure it's lower than 200mg per day, as, above it, caffeine can cause miscarriage. It can penetrate the placenta barrier, the midway tissue between the maternal and fetus blood. The baby eats what the Mama eats.

Thus, be mindful of caffeine intake, as it is present in many forms like chocolate, soda, coffee, etc. However, if you still want to drink something that can help you boost your energy for the day and take care of your baby's health, then Herbal Tea is perfect. It's known that herbal tea intoxicates the blood and purifies the body. Thus, you can buy instant herbal tea bags and enjoy your herbal tea anytime. That's why we include instant herbal tea bags in our new mum gift hampers.

Myth-3 (You crave sweet food if it’s a girl, and salty food if it’s a boy)

Cravings occur due to hormonal changes. For example, if you are craving sugar, there might be some dip in your blood sugar level. Thus, craving varies from person to person. Moreover, if you have no cravings during pregnancy, this doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your body. It’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy that will lead to a healthy delivery of the baby. However, if you ask enough Mothers you’ll find no trend towards the kinds of cravings indicating the gender of the baby. This is a myth!

It’s true that during pregnancy, there is a lot of hormonal imbalance in the mum’s body, and due to this, there are sudden and weird cravings like eating dirt, clay, laundry detergent, etc. But this myth is not true. In fact, if you have cravings like these, it’s a sign of bad health. You should consider visiting your doctor, as these cravings point towards severe anaemia that requires urgent treatment.

New mama kit’s care pack for new mum includes delicious and creamy milk chocolate for the times when you might need an instant sugar pump.

Myth-4 (Creams and serums guarantee no stretch marks)

Stretch marks naturally occur in women’s bodies during the post-delivery phase. There is a common myth that certain body products can prevent body stretches from occurring in the first place. Well, sadly, it’s not entirely true. There is no such product that can “prevent” stretch marks during pregnancy. But certainly, there are body creams and serums that can reduce the body stretches or even help in recovering faster from the body stretches during postpartum recovery.

Basically, these creams help moisturise your body, which helps keep your body’s skin in good shape and amplifies the body’s skin recovery. If you are conscious about stretch marks, like any other woman, you can apply body moisturising cream 3 times a day during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy phase and massage your body. It will help keep your skin elastic and soft and adaptable to stretch marks.

Fibre is known to improve the health of your skin. It’s well known to help your body regain its glow and elasticity. You can drink the fibre dissolved in water once or twice a day for good skin health. Both the body cream and soluble fibre sachets are available in our care pack for new mum to help your skin recover faster in the postpartum recovery phase and give you the confidence you want after pregnancy.

Myth-5 (You can’t have sex during pregnancy)

This is probably the most common pregnancy myth, and definitely the most googled question! You can have as much sex as you want, but the frequency a woman wants can vary greatly during pregnancy. Your little kiddo is totally safe, however, find out if your pregnancy and cervix is normal with no complications before having sex.

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