Things no one tells you about new motherhood

The initial months of motherhood are often considered a rollercoaster ride in both the physical and emotional sense.

What if the expectant Mother was told more about what to expect once she becomes a Mum? Well, we are here to tell you! While we help make new mums feel special with practical Hampers for New Mums in Australia, check out a few more helpful tips for early motherhood in our article below:

Things you need to consider when going into motherhood:

  • Your sleep won’t be the same

Once you become a new mum, your sleep won’t have the same intensity that it used to earlier. You will not have a deep sleep as your mind is always worried about the newly born, and being cautious about taking care of the new baby, you always think of your baby first. Not to mention the three hourly feeding when they are very new.

However, you can help the new mum sleep well with some exciting recovery hampers to help her feel good and nap during the day. We include a silk eye mask to get some quality shut-eye.

  • Your body might stay a little crazy

Giving birth to a new life is unique but challenging as well. Carrying a baby in the womb for nine months and then giving birth to the baby is a very physical process.

Sometimes you may feel relaxed, but there will be a number of times when you might feel like your body is behaving so damn crazy that even the post-delivery phase becomes challenging to cope with.

  • Some babies do not want to be set down

A few babies are quiet, while some are like those who always want to stay in your arms. So you have to be a little careful if your baby is the one that does not want to be put down. Ask some older wiser friends how they managed to get through this, because holding your baby 24/7 is not sustainable for mental or physical recovery. New Mama Kit donate to, who have an Australian hotline you can call if you are not coping with postpartum.

  • There can be a gadget that may help

There can be a gadget for everything that may help you take care of your baby. White noise, heart beats, vibrations - the sky's the limit if you are a new parent who loves tech.

In any case, you can take help. And as far as the mum’s care is concerned, along with the love and care she gives to the newly born, taking help from some electronic gadgets to perform the chores can always be helpful. You gotta choose something that could be helpful for you and safer for the baby too.

  • You will feel very protective

Having a baby brings feelings of unconditional love that cannot be defined in words. Many new Mums feel a sense of overprotection toward their precious new bub. When you feel like you can trust someone else, it’s a nice feeling to finally hand your baby over for an hour and take a break.

Did you learn something about what to expect once you or your friend becomes a New Mum? Make the postpartum time easier with hampers for new mums Australia that they can cherish forever. Check out our Gift Hampers for New Mums in Australia and New Zealand and make it a super special experience for her.


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