The Ultimate Guide to buying New Mum Gifts

The arrival of a new bundle of joy is a beautiful, exciting, and exhausting experience at the end of a 10 month marathon. That's why we believe every New Mum should receive a gift that truly shows how special she is to you. So we’ve teamed up with a network of Mums across Australia to create The Ultimate Guide to buying New Mum Gifts - no matter what she's into!

Top 10 Practical, honest, and unexpectedly useful New Mum Gifts

  1. A silk eye mask - for the precious day naps
  2. Her favourite tea (and a fancy mug to go with it)
  3. Instant cappuccino sachets - for the cafe experience in hospital
  4. Metamucil - helpful for assistance in the loo when the muscles aren’t quite up to it.
  5. A soothing lip balm - to make her feel dressed
  6. Comfy undies - big enough to fit the swollen belly and maternity pads
  7. A one-handed water bottle – great for when she’s on the go and only has one hand!
  8. Organic candy, or her favourite chocolate, for a quick sugar hit.
  9. Pocket notepad – for jotting down reminders on the fly and keeping track of baby life.
  10. Our First Time Mum Gift Hamper covers all the practical and totally needed items she'll need in the early days.

Top 10 New Mum gifts for health, self-care, and wellbeing

  1. A nourishing home-cooked meal - you just can't beat it!
  2. A journal – great for jotting down thoughts and feelings
  3. Earplugs – because sleep is the most valuable commodity.
  4. A subscription to a healthy meal delivery service - if you can't be there to cook for her
  5. Affirmation cards – to reassure her she’s doing a wonderful job.
  6. A scented candle - to create a zen atmosphere inside
  7. Postpartum bath salts - to soak and soothe the day away
  8. Herbal tea to lift her mood and calm her body
  9. A phone call - to check in at least each week on her wellbeing
  10. Our Relax and Recover Hamper is a great gift to help the New Mum with self care after birth.

Top 10 Gifts to Pamper a New Mum

  1. A mini bottle of sparkling - for celebrating her milestone
  2. Dry shampoo – a quick, easy solution for fresh hair without having to get it wet.
  3. Scented bath soak - to indulge in a day spa at home
  4. Natural hand cream - which makes you feel pampered in minutes
  5. Bamboo socks - for pampered feet
  6. Rosehip oil – to rejuvenate skin and care for stretch marks.
  7. A diffuser or humidifier for a comfortable, fresh-smelling home
  8. Silk eye mask - for a more decadent day nap
  9. Bright new nail polish - for a nice change
  10. Our Luxurious New Mum Hamper is a real Mama Spoiler - great for the woman who has everything!

Top 10 ideas to make the New Mum's day, without spending money!

  1. Write her a letter or send a home made card
  2. Call her to check in every week and listen to her thoughts
  3. Offer to babysit for an hour to give the Mum a break (the perfect time to use those bath salts!)
  4. Let her know about which helps any new parent not feeling quite right in the early days of parenting
  5. Record a voice message or video message that she can play when she's lonely
  6. Save her baby pics and create a slideshow or video for her
  7. Give her a massage at home
  8. Make her a cup of tea and do a load of washing
  9. Write her baby's name in sand, leaves or the earth and take a photo
  10. Send her funny videos to watch when she's feeling flat

We hope this Ultimate Guide to buying New Mum Gifts helps your mission to find a meaningful gift for the New Mama in your life!