The Best Pregnancy Gifts for First-time Mums in 2023

Presents are a sweet way to show your affection and love to a first-time mum. After all, she is experiencing a new phase of her life. A little appreciation once in a while is good for her.

Pregnancy Gift for your Expecting BFF

Being pregnant is hard. But being a friend to a pregnant woman is harder! Okay, this is exaggerating, but a pregnant woman's BFF plays a crucial role in her journey.

Who will an expecting mum call at 3am when her pregnancy hormones make her cry a river? Who has to make the last-minute grocery store run when she craves jalapeno pickle ice cream (pregnancy makes you develop weird tastes)? And who will reassure her that she looks just as stunning in a cardigan as in her little black dress? The BFF! 

And then comes the most significant challenge- finding the perfect gift. There is nothing better than the emotional support of a friend. Pregnancy is a difficult time that comes with a lot of challenges. A study by King's College London researchers suggests that ‘one out of every four pregnant women experience some kind of mental illness’. At such times, the emotional support of loved ones is highly crucial. It can help the expecting mum to manage her dark intrusive thoughts and maintain an optimistic attitude. 

Top 3 Pregnancy Gifts for First-time Mums for 2023

A Barista Box

Caffeine will be her saving grace, so stock up her pantry with her favourite coffee. You can buy a coffee sampler if you want her to try exciting new flavours. If the mum loves her coffee a certain way, better get her the brand she loves. You do not want to annoy a sleep-deprived mum.

Matching Mum and Baby Outfits

Nothing is too cheesy when it comes to a mum and her baby. Matching outfits make perfect pregnancy gifts for first-time mums. It is a momentous time for the mum, and a matching outfit will mark this memorable time of her life.

Body Massager

Being a mum warrants a full-time masseuse. Let's settle for a body massager unless there is one at her beck and call. It will help her relax and unwind after a particularly long day. 

The Perfect Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Mums

Everyone is excited about the arrival of the little munchkin, but now it's time to take extra care of the mum. Make her postpartum journey less chaotic with gift hampers. Why hampers? They have all the products to make her life easy. You can include everything you want in a hamper rather than choosing one gift. 

Gift the mum a present she will love! New Mama Kit has fantastic pregnancy gifts for first-time mums. Their hampers are versatile, practical, and cute. You can choose from a range of baskets fit for all mums. Some of the items in the hampers are maternity supplies, gums, chocolate, coffee, a sleeping eye mask, scented candles, bath salts, affirmation cards, and a journal. 

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