The Best Maternity Gifts for New Mums

Buying maternity gifts can be a difficult task. Firstly, you cannot ask the mum for suggestions if you want a surprise gift option. Secondly, it is confusing whether to gift her something to help her navigate this postpartum journey or something that reminds her of her old days. Do you wish there was a middle ground? Well, New Mama Kit is here with an answer. If you are looking for a perfect birthday present or welcome gift, or you want to give a token of appreciation to the lovely mum, we have the ideal gift for you.

New Mama Maternity Gifts

Motherhood is complex and new, and we want to make it as beautiful for the mums as possible. New Mama Kit has the best maternity gifts wrapped in a cute hamper for all the lovely mums. They are all-inclusive and practical, so there is a gift for everyone. We have a range of gift baskets, so you can choose the one you like the most.

What makes our hampers the best maternity gifts?

A gift for every budget - We have a hamper for all ranges. From affordable picks to indulgent choices, there is a gift basket for all. The New Mum Maternity Gift Hamper is ideal for new mums, and Super Mama is an excellent choice for magnificence.

  • Practical Items- Veteran mums have handpicked all the products to include all items a new mum would need on her postpartum journey. From snacks, coffee, and trail mix to affirmation cards, these hampers have everything a first-time mum needs!
  • They are cute- These hampers come in really pretty packaging so that it is a fun activity to unpack them.
  • Sustainable approach- The chocolates we include in our baskets are from a brand that does not employ children to harvest cocoa beans, and our packaging is recyclable.
  • We do good - We donate $2 from every hamper sold to to give back to mothers who are not coping with parenthood (and fair enough!)

What is in our maternity gift baskets?

To answer in one word- love. We have packed all the love for the new mums, and no one deserves it more. Apart from all the care and wishes, there are some beautiful products in the hampers, items we know will be helpful for her and the baby. This is a celebration of motherhood in a box!

  • Herbal Tea
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Hand Cream
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Bath Salts
  • Wine
  • Silk Eye Mask and Ear Plugs
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Gums (no nasties)
  • Scented Candle
  • Maternity Supplies (padsicles. extra giant undies etc.)

Visit our store now!

If you want the best maternity gifts, visit our shop section and select a gift basket that strikes your fancy. There are many options: Super Mama Hamper, Postpartum Recovery Hamper, First Time Mum Gift Hamper, and many more. Also, if you get a new mum hamper, you get a 20% discount on the unique dad hampers. A sweet deal if you want to spoil both parents. We offer free delivery within Australia, and express shipping is available too!

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