The best Maternity Gifts for New Mums

Here at New Mama Kit gift hampers, we design the perfect hampers with maternity gifts for all mums-to-be. Experienced mums who have been through pregnancy and postpartum recovery handpick all the gift items personally. All the hampers are made with only one intention- the comfort of mums. So, we have included all the good things that will help the new mums navigate this strange new world.

If you are wondering why we are raving so much about our maternity gift hampers, look at all the goodies inside. You will come to know why it is genuinely the best maternity gift for the welcome home party or to express your appreciation and joy.

Chocolate Bar

There is not a single woman who doesn't like chocolates. If there is one, we are yet to meet her! New mama kit maternity gifts have a giant chocolate bar sourced from a brand that does not employ children to harvest the cocoa beans. We tell you this since we thought you would appreciate the fact.

Fibre Sachets

You just pushed a real human baby out of your body! We have to give you credit. When you give birth, your body functions undergo many changes. One such side effect is constipation. If any more pushing sounds like a nightmare, have these fibre sachets. You will not dread going to the loo anymore.

Sparkling Wine

Conceiving a baby is much more work than people give mothers credit for. You give up a lot of things when you are pregnant. Now that the baby is out and about, why not spoil the new mother with some of her old treats? This bottle of Piccolo is perfect for the mini-celebration moments or to relax and unwind for a bit.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Rest is a luxury new mums cannot afford for a while. You never know when you will be able to steal a few moments of sleep. But when you get those rare moments of peace and silence, why not make the best of it? Use this silk eye mask and a pair of earplugs to get a night of sound sleep, however many hours it is. Afternoon or night, you will never know the difference.


Coffee is our body's fuel, and it isn't easy to function without it. It is not an issue if you cannot head to your local cafe and order your usual cup of Joe. The New Mama Kit maternity gift hampers also have coffee so that you can keep your sanity in check.

New Mama Kit has a range of options from which you can choose your perfect maternity gift. There is the first-time mum gift hamper for first-time mothers, a luxurious new mum gift hamper for some well-deserved indulgence, and a relax and recover hamper for a DIY Spa day.

They are affordable, too; a bouquet delivery will cost you more than these beautiful baskets.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the shop section and get the best maternity gift hamper now!

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