The Best Gifts for First Time Dads

Dads are the first heroes of their children. When a child is born, mothers get all the attention and Dads usually go unnoticed among all the commotion around the child and the mum. But dads must be celebrated too, especially when it is their first time experiencing fatherhood. We see all the fantastic men working day and night to be the best dad to their children.

Whether a party present or a colleague’s paternity leave gift, these New Mama Kit gift hampers are a great gesture to show that you care for them.

Why New Mama Kit hampers are the best gifts for first time dads?

There are a lot of reasons that make these beautiful baskets the best gifts for first time dads. They are all-inclusive, cute and practical gift options.

New Dad Kits are Functional

Being a dad is not easy, but being a first-time dad is another story altogether. Experienced people handpick all the items in the hamper to ensure it is full of everything that will come in handy for newbie dads. We strive to make this challenging (and fulfilling) journey a little smooth for them.

New Dad Kits are Affordable

When you buy a gift, one of the first things you decide is the budget. With New Mama Kit, you get a lot of variety at an affordable price. Seriously, a bouquet delivery will cost you more than this. Also, you get free shipping pan Australia.

New Dad Kits look great

Women aren’t the only ones who love nice things. Men also love to be pampered with sweet gestures. New Mama Kit comes in a beautiful box that the dads will love to unpack.

What do we have in the gift hamper for New Dads?

We have included all the essential things to help the dads get by without losing their sanity. From late-night snacks to early-morning coffees, we have got you covered.

Trail Mix

Did you know you can survive on trail mix? Well, remember this fact when you spend nights cooing your munchkin. This trail mix will get you by on days you are too tired to do anything.

Protein bar

The only exercise you will get for a while is running from the diaper table to the trash can and back. Until you can hit the gym, make do with this protein bar.

Instant Cappuccino

Coffee is therapy in a cup. When your little one demands all your attention, a run down to your favourite barista seems like a dream. Why not bring the cafe to you? When you are tired for another morning after a sleepless night, throw together this instant coffee and get ready to conquer another day.


Fatherhood is demanding, but it is an enriching experience filled with moments of celebration and joy. To commemorate those occasions, you should keep a bottle of Piccolo handy.

Now that you know why the New Dad gift hamper is one of the best gifts for first time dads head to the shop section and order your gift hamper!

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