The 5 best gifts for second time Mothers

The five recovery items I found essential as a second time Mama...

There are secrets that New Mamas know from experience... like when your milk comes in you sweat like a pig, so much so that you wake up soaked! (Actually why doesn't anyone tell you that?)

So second time around, you're a little wiser, and your expectations are more realistic in terms of what you can actually achieve each day, and how much sleep you'll be getting. Perhaps gifts like cute embroidered singlets or white soft toys amuse you less because you already know what is useful and what will sit on the shelf.

The second and third time Mums I've spoken to will all tell you that prepared home meals was a winner, with a toddler that zaps any minute of down time you have.

When we curate our New Mama Kit hampers, we make sure there are gifts for the very fresh first time Mamas who might get caught out not buying the right pads, or turn up to the hospital with their nicest underwear instead of the extra big black cotton undies in the kit. But we also made sure that second time Mums can also benefit from what's inside.

I LOVED my silk eye mask when my first bub was having long day naps... but it has rarely been used this time now my toddler is running around all day.

As a second time new Mum, I found these five items really useful to recover in the first few weeks after birth:

  1. Maternity Pads (really good pads last longer than cheap or hospital ones)
  2. Chocolate (good stuff any time of the day or night)
  3. Perineum spray (quicker and easier than preparing a padcicle)
  4. Big cotton undies (you can't have enough of these in the early days)
  5. Silk eye mask for sleep (a ten minute day nap can reset you!)

Do you have a friend or colleague expecting their second? What gift - if any - are you intending to buy them?

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