The fourth trimester. Those fuzzy and emotional few weeks after you give birth. At best, it’s a blissful time of bonding, being looked after and self growth. and at worst, it’s a tiring, stressful and lonely blurring of days and nights.

But what is New Motherhood like right now, for New Mamas giving birth while most of the world is in lockdown? How are they supposed to navigate their new responsibilities and heal their bodies while no one is allowed to help them except their exhausted and stressed partners? No one to pop in and do the washing, or make them some dinner. No one to help them shuffle around the block and laugh with them when they feel like stepping out of their bubble?

The experienced new Mamas at New Mama Kit have come up with a few ideas and heard some great stories from women who seem to be keeping their s**t together so far. We’ll stop it here for a second and say well done to anyone who has given birth at a hospital or at home during this time of change and uncertainty - you deserve a medal and you will be thanked for your bravery by your baby in years to come.


  1. Ask for help. Right now you have to do this virtually. Your tired self won’t want to pick up the phone and send an SMS to your friends and family to say that you need help, but just do it. Need food? Need advice? Need supplies? This is not your job to do alone (it takes a village normally) so ask for what ever you need, don’t think about HOW it will get done, that’s the job of others that have the capacity to run to the shops or do the legwork for you.
  2. Forget the chores. This is a big one for any New Mama, but right now, since relatives and friends cannot mind your baby while you nap, you MUST put sleep above all else, and even if it’s a ten minute doze with your milky baby or 30 minutes right after breakfast - TAKE IT - and leave the cornflakes for your partner to clean up later.
  3. Share photos with family and close friends as soon as you are ready. Everyone loves a newborn, and receiving those doting words such as “OMG the cutest ever” or “keep up the great work” or “she looks just like you!” - sometimes sharing your days and weeks with people who love you can bring you a great sense of connection and achievement.
  4. Use professional resources available, including: online counselling for women, and for 24/7 phone advice.
  5. Indulge in little luxuries, like some of the goodies inside our New Mum hampers. Using a silk eye mask to take a short nap, some bath salts in a hot bath, champagne for one, milk chocolate or herbal tea! There’s much more to check out at Send your friends the hint!