Support New Mums with a Thoughtful Postpartum Kit

Love is an intangible gift that doesn’t need a material object. But sometimes, you might need a little something extra to show you care. Send a curated gift hamper if you want to show the new mums how much you love and care for them. Fill your postpartum kit with her favourite things, and sprinkle it with warmth and lots of love. 

Why is a Postpartum Kit Essential for a New Mum?

Pregnancy is a difficult time, but postpartum can be even more challenging. Did you know that a woman can fall into depression after her delivery? According to a recent survey by the National Library of Medicine, one in seven women is likely to develop postpartum depression (PPD). It is more severe than baby blues (worry or sadness women experience after having a baby), which women recover from quicker. PPD can drastically alter a mother’s relationship with her child and affect her normal functions. It can interfere with her daily life. It is advisable to contact your healthcare professional for treatment. 

Other difficulties include cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, infection in the urinary tract, and other minor complications. Clearly, it is a hard time for the mums. They must deal with their physical and mental health while having a tiny human to care for.

You can help!  While the best way is to be there for her, you should shower her with presents or surprises. It is the best way to uplift her mood. You don't have to do much, even small gestures go a long way.

New Mama Kit Postpartum Care Package for New Mums

We believe that handmade presents are the best because you can customise the gift to the mum's taste and needs. However, what will you put in a gift basket if you have no idea what a new mum needs at this crucial time? Do not worry, and let the new mama experts handle this. We have the perfect gift for your friend or loved one!

New Mama Kit gift hampers are an ideal present for new mums. We pack all our baskets with love and care—veteran mums hand-picked all the items in the basket, which we source from ethically conscious local brands. We only want the best for the mums. 

The baskets have maternity supplies (extra large pads and undies), snacks ( chocolate, protein bar, herbal tea, trail mix), and personal care items.

Order your Favourite Postpartum Kit Now!

We will also deliver the basket to her doorstep. New Mama Kit offers free delivery in Australia and even express shipping for last-minute orders. So what are you waiting for now? Explore our store and order your favourite new mum postpartum kit today!

New Mama Kit understands the severity of postpartum depression in new mums, and we hope to do our part in helping them. So, for every basket sold, we donate to Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia ( so that help is always available for them.

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