Quality day nap for New Mums - is it possible?

When a New Mum puts her new baby down for a day nap, she has a few options. There’s the washing that could be hung before it starts to smell like a wet dog, or there’s the emails to reply to before her professional contacts think she’s dropped off the face of the earth, then there’s a five letter word called SLEEP.

Sleep is golden, and most would agree that until you become a parent you don’t realise the value of a good night of it. And when you don’t get 8+ hours overnight ideally you make up for it in the day.

For wellbeing, better health and sanity, the New Mum should choose to take a nap over all other non-urgent tasks.

We stumbled across this article recently that talks about sleep quality. And the great news is that we’re on to a winner placing a silk eye mask and foam ear plugs in our hampers. These help New Mums get to sleep faster and more deeply than without.

The article focuses on a study of hospital patients who are trying to sleep in a noisy and light filled environment, which is kind of like a New Mum trying to get some sleep during the day when outside might be noisy. New Mama Kit does not recommend the use of earplugs when you are the sole carer responsible for your sleeping baby. But if someone else is home to listen out for bub - go right ahead and combine ear plugs with our silk eye mask for an amazingly restful nap experience!

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