Postpartum Gifts that show you care

The postpartum period is the time that starts right after the birth of a baby, and lasts about 6 weeks. This is the time when a woman is undergoing tremendous changes, responsibilities, and healing. The care a mother receives right after giving birth is as significant as the baby’s care. If not taken care of properly, women might develop postpartum anxiety and depression, and take longer to heal physically. If you can’t be there to take care of her? You’ll need to find a gift that shows you care and helps her heal.

In some Asian countries, the postpartum period is given much emphasis. In India women stay at home for approximately 6 weeks/40 days - a period known as the period of confinement. During this period, the woman is supposed to rest, rejuvenate and replenish. They are refrained from carrying out any household activities and are basically pampered. Similarly, according to Chinese culture, right from pregnancy to labor, a woman needs good nutrition to nurture the fetus. Women are encouraged to sleep and rest. This is done to limit yin from entering their bodies. You can check our blog on How Indians and Sri Lankans look after New Mums to understand the quality of love, care, and rituals that begin postpartum.

If you are a friend or relative of the new mum, it is your responsibility to make her feel wanted and lift her up from the negative feelings and emotions that the fourth trimester brings. You won’t believe it, but a simple handwritten note can do wonders for a new mum. You can also brighten the new mama’s Day with a gift hamper that's all about HER, filled with goodies, tips, and tricks to help her feel better and recover faster in the fourth trimester.

Postpartum gifts that show you care:

  • Herbal Tea Bags: These tea bags are meant for calming and nurturing the new mum. This tea is perfect for moments when she wants to sit by herself, gather her thoughts and appreciate being a new mum.
  • A notepad: Meant to document her experience, her pain, and the time when she last fed her bud.
  • New Mum Affirmation Cards: These cards are designed to calm and reassure the new mum. A new mum can simply turn it over, breathe slowly and read the pink side to herself a few times when she resonates with any of the black statements
  • Block of milk Chocolate: Every new Mama, whether breastfeeding or not, needs an energy boost and a delicious treat to get through the late nights and long days.
  • Soluble Fibre Sachets: The skin and muscles of a new mum are recovering and healing and trust me when we say this, the new mum has done enough pushing for one year and the loo would be the last place she would want to push any further. Soluble fiber will make sure that she manages her loos with pushing.
  • Condoms: No - it’s not what you’re thinking! Half-fill these with tap water, tie them like a balloon, and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, wrap a square of paper towel around it and a new mum can place it inside her undies (on top of a maternity pad if she is wearing one). This will soothe and help to reduce the swelling around the area from where her baby just came out!
  • PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia is an organization that supports the mental health of parents and families during pregnancy and in their first year of parenthood. According to them, perinatal anxiety and depression are serious illnesses that affect up to one in five expecting or new mums. This organization operates in Australia and amplifies the voices of people who have experienced perinatal mental health challenges.

Here at New Mama Kit, we have been there, and we know how much it meant for us when we felt like someone was there to support us. We know what those early days feel like. Birth and postpartum are not easy. Therefore, a mother’s inner circle should be supporting and nourishing in a way that she can get all the affection she needs to heal and recuperate well after birth physically, mentally, and emotionally. Show you care with a fantastic postpartum gift that shows you care.

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