Positivity and Affection- The Best 2023 Gifts for First-time Mums

Love and affection are officially the best gifts for first-time mums. According to our customer base and CEO’s lived experience; having her near and dear ones around her will make a new mum feel good.

Pregnancy is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some dark times too, and that is entirely normal. It is a life-altering event that takes its toll on a woman's mental health. As per researchers at King's College London, ‘one in four women experience mental health complications postpartum’.

It takes effort to look on the brighter side when suffering from crippling anxiety or depression. But we have something that can help you feel better- Affirmations! A positive outlook will help you maintain your sanity and mental health.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements to boost your confidence and promote wellness. They can alter how you think or feel. Affirmations bring positivity to your life. 

But how do affirmations do that? Affirmations are short phrases or sentences you repeat to yourself which shift your thinking and change behaviour patterns. You constantly remind yourself that you are able and enough. With time, this becomes your mindset and creates a stronger sense of self. 

Affirmations for Motherhood

Pregnancy is full of uncertain and fearful thoughts. What if I am not a good mother? What if I am not ready to be a mum? What if my baby falls off the ceiling, and I can do nothing about out? Your mind can get creative when it comes to intrusive thoughts. The best approach is to nip them in the bud. 

Affirmations help you change the way you think and change your behavioural patterns. Your outlook on life will improve drastically and make you feel more secure. It will help you fight postpartum depression, OCD or any other complication you may face.

New Mama Kit Affirmation Cards

We understand the power of affirmations and their importance in pregnancy and after that. Pregnancy is challenging, and it can be incredibly daunting for first-time mums. We are here to tell you that, despite what you think, you have everything under control. You've got this, mum! 

We have some fantastic affirmation cards in our hampers to help mums feel better when they feel extra low. The cards have two sides- a black side and a pink side. If you resonate with the black side- take a deep breath, turn the card and read the pink side. 

New Mama Kit Gift Hampers

Thoughtful items like affirmation cards make our hampers one of the best gifts for first-time mums. Explore our page and find the perfect hamper for first-time mums. You will find many options ranging from affordable to luxury. The First Time Mum Gift Hamper carries all the basics for a new mum, like maternity supplies, snacks, hygiene products, and affirmation cards. The Super Mama Hamper is ideal for a little splurging. It has some luxurious items like bath salts, a bottle of piccolo, and all the essentials.

affirmation card for new mum

Visit our hamper range now and find the best gifts for first-time mums! 

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