New Dad Gift Ideas that He will Love

Parenthood is a blessing. It is so exciting to become a dad, especially for the first time. Whether he is expecting a baby soon or has recently become a Dad, these new dad gift ideas will help you choose a memorable present.

Top New Dad Gift Ideas

Here are our top choices for gifts for new dads.

Coffee Sampler

We can't remember the last time we woke up without coffee. If the baby's arrival has cut the dad's cafe trips short, the coffee sachet will make for the perfect gift. Order a coffee box or subscription for convenience. The new dad will try many different flavours and combinations and keep himself awake. It’s like having a personal barista!

Matching T-Shirts

Cheesy is allowed for a newbie parent, okay? A matching onesie and T-shirt for a dad and his little munchkin will be an adorable gift for a new dad who cannot contain his excitement. Many online stores make customised daddy-son or daddy-daughter clothing sets. It is one of the best New Dad Gift Ideas.

Snack Basket

The life of newbie parents is quite hectic. They are often too busy to cook a meal for themselves. Hence, a snack basket is a handy gift for new dads. They will be reaching for its contents more frequently than they know. Buy a healthy snack hamper or make a customised basket filled with all their favourite snacks. Also, get ready for all the sneezes when they thank you for not letting them starve.

A Wine bottle and glasses

Parenthood is full of pleasant surprises. A baby's first words, his first steps, the time he calls his dada for the first time- all these milestones call for a celebration. A handy wine bottle will be the best celebration of those moments of joy.

Be There for Him

Sometimes, the best gift is to be there for someone. The new dad's life is fulfilling but quite challenging. A baby needs attention and care 24/7, and many other things get neglected. If you can, take some time out and help the couple with some work around the house. A little help goes a long way. Clean their garden, cook a meal, do laundry- anything you can do. They will appreciate this help a lot.

New Mama Gift Hampers

New Mama Kit has practical and memorable gift baskets that go beyond a token gesture. They are a celebration of parenthood in a box, and make a perfect present for new dads. They are affordable, handy and obtain everything a new dad will need to make this parenthood journey easier. These baskets are curated with love. Some things in our hamper are:

  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Chocolate
  • Sparking wine
  • Foot cream so he can rub his partner’s feet
  • New Dad To-Do List
  • Foot massage cream

We provide free standard delivery within Australia and offer express shipping too. For the best deals, visit our store now!

New Dad Gift Ideas

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