How Indians and Sri Lankans look after New Mums

In India, Sri Lanka, or anywhere in South Asia, babies bring a bundle of delight not only for the new parents but also for the families. So after the arrival of good news, the series of care, love, and rituals begin, and the family takes care of the new Mother like a princess waiting for her coronation. And after the arrival of the little one, the care reaches a new level of support for the new Mum.

Whether it's Sri Lanka or India, usually from 7 months of pregnancy to the birth of a baby, it is customary for either mother or mother-in-law or both to look after the new mum and newborn. They make sure the new mum eats well, gets enough sleep, no trouble feeding the infant. Sometimes family people try to pamper the new mum with some home remedies or Ayurveda tips that she feels fresh and lively and Mothers know which is the best for a new mum. So either mother or mother-in-law always has some remedies from experience for the mum. Like belly bending, oil massage, foot massage, hot water heat, herbal drinks made at home with natural ingredients which work better than medicine.

But the entire family also takes care of the new mum. This time the full attention and care towards future mum seems anomalous. Everyone from the family stays alert if the baby or mum needs anything. Every member tries to do their best to keep both safe and healthy, which feels unique to a new mum. It is vital that she feels loved during this time, which may mean doing something small or simple like cooking her favourite dish or taking the kids out so she can sleep uninterrupted for an afternoon nap!.

In India, from the 1st day of good news, all the traditional rituals begin. And the house became flooded with new mum's gifts. Before birth, Baby shower and after welcoming the new one, after birth Pooja, Mundan (1st head shaving), Namakaran (naming ceremony), and many more celebrations go on with family and friends. The baby and the new mum also get lots of meaningful birth gifts from aunties and friends with tons of blessings. Relatives never see a newborn and new mum without gifts, even visiting them in hospital. These meaningful gifts for Indian mum make her feel very special, cheerful, help her recover from postpartum depression, and help her daily mum life.

Sri Lanka has lots of similar traditions to India. But some religious practices about pregnancy and childbirth are a bit different, which is for the new mum and baby's safety. Sahini, a new mum from Sri Lanka, stated," Angulimala sutta ceremony is conducted during delivery time. Family members start the Chanting in belief of reducing labor pain. Some hospitals also allow using intercom system to perform Angulimala ceremony." She added," Family presence supposed to be the best gift for Srilankan mum. I felt so blessed when my entire family attended my baby's Naming ceremony with a bunch of gifts for me."

For Indian and Sri Lankan Mums, gift concepts are traditional. Here are some recommendations of best gifts for mums from India and Sri Lanka which will make her feel special:

  • Flowers
  • Greeting Card
  • Gold or Silver Coin
  • Gold or Silver Jewelries
  • Sharee or Salwar suit
  • Maternity Dress
  • Pregnancy Books
  • Postpartum Recovery Kit
  • Pregnancy pillows
  • Stress removal drink supplies
  • A comfy pair of shoes
  • A Mum All-in-one carrying bag
  • Baby Carrier or stroller
  • Comfy PJ set or matching PJ set with baby
  • A cool mama mug

In India and Sri Lanka, meaningful support doesn't need to come with a hefty price tag; it also encompasses emotional and physical assistance. So, for example, a new mum needs to be taken care of by her family, encouraged, and given the space she needs to recover from childbirth because a healthy mother can grow a healthy child.

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