How a simple sticker transformed a plain notebook into a special journal for New Mums

When a woman is expecting a baby or has become a New Mama, many thoughts arise. From big feelings and emotions, to new responsibilities and tasks, it can be helpful to get things out of the mind and on to words on paper. That’s why we designed our latest hamper with a journal inside.

When the New Mama Kit team sourced new A5 notebooks for our Pregnancy Hamper, printing a custom cover became too expensive, but the plain notebook on its own was not special enough as a gift for a New Mum. We then came across the services of OzStickerPrinting, an online custom sticker printing provider in Australia. Ah ha! With a simple branded message that read “YOU GOT THIS” we knew the A5 journal would look more appealing for New Mums, and remind her she is doing ok.

We contacted several sticker printers in Sydney where we have our head office, but we quickly found OzStickerPrinting offered the best value for the quality we needed. We chose a paper sticker with gloss finish to help it stand out and give some protection from rubbing on the front of the journal, and a circle shape to make it more premium and not have to worry too much about placing a square sticker perfectly onto the front of the journal.

New mama Kit pregnancy journal

The stickers arrived really quickly in the post, in a neat bundle on individual sheets. So exciting! The next task was to stick a bunch of them on to journal covers, ready to go in our beautiful New Mama Gift hampers and become gifts for pregnant women.

Now we feel like the Pregnancy Gift Hamper is complete, with a place for women to journal their feelings along the way, as well as enjoy other goodies like bamboo socks, chocolate, belly oil and tea. Thanks to OzStickerPrinting, our humble yellow notebook has been transformed into a welcoming and beautifully branded gift journal.

New Mama Kit Pregnancy Hamper

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