Gosh New Mums in Melbourne are doing it tough this year... How can you help?

Gosh who would want to be a New Mum in Melbourne in 2020? No thanks.

Being a woman in her ‘fourth trimester’ is hard enough even when you have Aunty Sal dropping round to do a load of washing, and your bestie coming over for baby cuddles and a cheeky glass of bubbles.

But in 2020 - being a New Mum in Melbourne (and lots of other Victorian towns) has meant no friends, no family drop-ins, no hospital visits, no Mother’s Groups - all the things that get you through the brand new challenge of newborn and new life as a Mum.

New Mama Kit sees this as a call to arms - and we are front and centre, being the gift that can be contact free but still packed with well wishes and that personal touch. if you know a New Mama in Melbourne who needs a boost and a bit of support - send her a New Mum Care Pack with a few clicks of the iphone or laptop - and use NMK10 to grab 10% off that order (it’s the least we can do to support New Mums in need).