Gifts For First-Time Mums

Mothers are full of love and seem to need nothing in return. While we wish we could pay her a million dollar salary, let us settle on something fun and practical for now.

If you want to get a new mum a thoughtful gift she will love, look no further. The New Mama Kit team has curated the best gifts for first-time mums - ready to save her day!

New Mama Kit First Time Mum Hamper:

The new mama kit has beautiful gift hampers that include practical and useful items for first-time mums. These hampers are the best gifts for first-time mums and have all the supplies she will need while navigating this beautiful yet challenging postpartum time. From maternity supplies to affirmation cards, we have everything a first-time mum would need to make this a little easier for her.

Chocolate Bar

Including chocolates is a no-brainer. It lifts your mood and gives you energy. You have to include chocolates in every gift for mums. Hey - we don't make the rules!

Protein Bar

Trust us, you will spend many nights burning the midnight oil, and you won't have the energy to do anything. A protein bar will be handy when you cannot leave the baby unattended but need a quick refill.


Self-care is pretty low on the priority list when a baby arrives since everyone wants to see the little munchkin now. If you can find time to brush your teeth, good for you; If you are a little too burnt out to even think about it, here are gums to help you kiss that morning breath goodbye.

Affirmation Cards

You are a superhero, mum, and don't forget that. Whenever you feel anything less, read these affirmation cards and remember the supermum you are.

You have got this, we know this, and you should know it too.

Maternity Supplies

Not only the baby but a new mum needs care, too, especially when you are a first-time mum. Pads, undies, padsicles etc., anything you need to stay as comfy as possible, we have it right here. That is why New Mama Kit has the best gifts for first-time mums.

A Bottle Of Sparkling

A bottle of the sparkling piccolo is a great way to relax and reflect before you become a super mum again. If mum-juice is what she needs, mum-juice is what she gets. After all, Mummy knows best!

Silk eye mask and earplugs

Sleep is a luxury after you become a mum, even more so when navigating motherhood for the first time. So whenever you get a chance to shut your eyes, it is better to get in an hour or two of that much-needed rest. The silk eye mask and earplugs will help you make the most of that time.

Soluble fibre sachets

It is funny how you have delivered a whole baby but can't get rid of yesterday's lunch! If going to the toilet feels like a task, use these soluble fibre sachets and make it an easy trip this time. Use the sachets as directed on the packet.

New Mama kit has great gifts for first-time mums. If you are also looking for a super cute and practical gift basket for new mums, choose from our range of all-inclusive gift hampers. She will love every one of them!

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