We are super grateful for this honest account of the first seven days from a second-time New Mama in NSW.

DAY 1: Stare at newborn. Start breastfeeding. Nap nap nap.

DAY 2: The food train starts so we don’t have to cook. Breastfeed. Partner takes toddler out to give you a break. He looks like a truck has run over him, but at least he’s making the most of your family activity memberships and giving you some space.

DAY 3: Shower! Tick! Lunchtime nap with newborn. Breastfeed.

DAY 4: Open front door to see if the time has come to venture out of the nest yet. Quickly close door again… too soon! Breastfeed. Listen to podcasts about murders.

DAY 5: Undo and redo crotchet for the baby blanket because your brain is still in your uterus. Lunchtime nap. Breastfeed.

DAY 6: Cry for half a day because of you desperately miss spending time with your first born. Breastfeed. Bath with magnesium flakes until getting dive bombed with small dinosaurs by first born.

DAY 7: Stop first born killing your newborn by caving in her fontanel with his grubby and chubby fingers. Breastfeed. Wake all night to feed newborn and recall the good old days finishing UNI essays the night before they’re due.