Dear Erin: Why can't we be heroes at our births?

The intelligent, vivacious and loveable Erin Molan is expecting her first baby this year. The pregnancy hasn't been easy or particularly enjoyable for her, so perhaps that's why she is a little hesitant when it comes to looking forward to the birth itself.

Erin was interviewed by 9Honey last week, and there's one MAJOR point we have to pull her (and her Dad!) up on... can you spot it?

Here's our beef:

Erin tells Jo Abi from 9Honey: "I'm certainly not going to be as noble as she (my mother) was ... and I spoke to my dad yesterday morning and he was saying to me, 'Just don't try and be a hero,' and I'm like, 'Oh, I won't be.' There will be no danger of me trying to be a hero. Whatever stops me feeling, give me."

Mmm... Erin. There's one part of your statement that makes us sad - the part where you don't think you are or will be a hero.

We believe that women ARE heroes for growing a human inside them from a speck of practically nothing, to a giant watermelon of goodness, and then bringing them earth side. With or without medical intervention, please consider yourself a HERO already, and there is no shame in trying to be a birthing hero on the day, despite what doctors, Dads, relatives or doubting news reporters want to tell you.

And when you do make a miracle and birth your baby, we will support you with a New Mama Kit, filled with items to help that heroic body of yours to recover and feel better. #newmamakit

We believe in you Erin - even though your body hasn't loved your pregnancy, believe in yourself and be the hero that you already are!!!
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