Best Pregnancy Gifts to Pamper your BFF

Is your best friend pregnant or recently given birth? How joyful to see your own friends giving new life and becoming parents! From the outside it looks like a pretty picture - but the truth is, your friend needs your support and friendship more than ever. The best way to make your pregnant friend feel special is by treating her with gifts that truly show how special she is to you. This article is meant to help you curate the best gifts to pamper your pregnant friend.

Best Gifts to Pamper a New Mum or a pregnant friend

Fill her with food

Not just dinner but a bottle of sparkling wine to spoil the mama a bit, milk chocolates for an energy boost that is getting drained because of breastfeeding or to survive her mid-night cravings. Give her herbal tea to calm and nurture her. And send her home-cooked meals.

Give her some zen time

Buy her some zen time with gifts like a spa day voucher, short holiday, salon day for self-pampering or just a coffee with you, to give her a break from pregnancy - which can be lonely and daunting. It will remind her of herself and will make her feel special again. Such gifts will show her how much you care for her and will have more emotional value. Physical gifts last “longer” than experiences time-wise, but the powerful, happy memories created during an experience can truly last a lifetime!

Beauty products

Belly oil, vegan lip balm, dry shampoo powder or a sleep mask will be therapeutic for her and will remind her that it is equally important for her to take care of herself. It will remind her that she is a woman first and a mother later. And only you, her friend, can help her remember that. Grab some for you too and have a mini home spa day together!

A Journal

While your friend is nurturing her bump or after she gave birth to her little bundle of joy, she can fill the journal with memories and experiences for her child and herself. She can document how she felt when she first got the news of her pregnancy, how her 9-months were, the first word her child spoke, the first walk, and every experience she had during and post-pregnancy. Later, she can gift this to her child to show what that child meant to her.

DIY pamper packs

From food to journal, curate a pamper hamper for the new mum or the mum-to-be. You can curate the hamper with a beautiful care package and add all the items of her requirements. You can add a personalised note on how to best use each item inside, to recover faster from birth. You can add products like cotton undies, condoms, maternity pads, and soluble fibre sachets to show her that you care for her and want her to recover faster.

Where you can buy birth hampers in Australia:

If creating a DIY pamper pack seems difficult, you can check a few websites which have a perfect hamper for new mums and mum-to-be in Australia. Some of the best hampers are mentioned below:

Luxurious New Mum Gift Hamper – New Mama Kit

From sparkling wine to dry shampoo, this Luxurious New Mum hamper is a real Mama spoiler! Perfect for Mums who love to be treated… and why shouldn’t she feel special after she has just birthed a human!? Great for Mums who are birthing their second, third or even seventh child! The luxurious new mum gift hamper includes Sparkling Piccolo, Dry Shampoo powder, Silk sleep mask, scented candles, hip oil, milk chocolates, herbal tea, pocket notepad and pen, vegan lip balm, earplugs, and chewing gum.

Yummy Mummy Gift Box – The Baby Gift Company

Treat a Yummy Mummy at a time when she needs it the most. Show her how special she is with this divine relaxing & pampering collection. This New Mum Hamper includes fluffy slippers, a handy cosmetic bag, a pink water bottle, Butter Shortbread Biscuits and a hand & nail lotion gift set. A luxurious gift hampers for an expecting mum to be or new mum, carefully curated with treats for a deserving person in need of some TLC. You can also add a personalised card to the gift boxes.

New Mum Ready to Go Care Package – Silver Stork

Searching for a unique for yourself or a special someone? This care package makes a perfect and meaningful gift for an expecting Mum at the office, celebrating a baby shower or the arrival of a newborn, a dear friend that needs a pick-me-up or simply to treat yourself! This hamper includes Serendipities Tea, Nipple Balm (breastfeeding), Face Mask, Mama Bath Tea or Body Scrub, Breast Pads (breastfeeding), Heat Pack, Beechwood & Silicone Teether, Hair & Massage Oil - for Mum, and Chocolate.

Ultimate Luxury Gift Hamper – Bockers & Pony

This signature Bockers & Pony box is filled with products that define luxury. This gift is perfect to send to your mother, wife, girlfriend or special lady in your life! This hamper includes Cocoa Nib Unicorn Bark, Moet Piccolo, Shea Butter Flourish Soap, Bath Petals, Notebook, Grey Tea, Heat Pillow, Eye Pillow, and Dot Mug. You can also add a personalized message along with your hamper.

Nurture – Young Willow A bundle purely for Mum

Nurture is all about encouraging self-care when it is needed most. Soothing organic Breastfeeding Tea will support a healthy supply for nursing bub, with a delectable chocolate block for an extra energy kick. The refreshing scented Candle will encourage a calming ambience for the new mum. The Nipple Ointment will protect and bring peace of mind as a mother’s breastfeeding journey begins. A thoughtful gift as is or the perfect starting place for curating one for both mum and bub.

Ready to buy your pregnant friend a gift?

Finding a new mum gift for your friend can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. Your friend needs you and your friendship. So, make her feel special and wanted and show her some love because pushing a human out of a cervix is not easy!