Best Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Mums

Buying a gift is not difficult, but getting an amazing one is. If you want to get a new mum a thoughtful gift she will be grateful for, look no further. New Mama Kit has the best pregnancy gifts for first time mums.

New mama gift hamper pregnancy gift for first time mums.

New mama kit has beautiful gift hampers that are handy and useful for first time mums. From maternity supplies to quick snacks, our team of experienced Mums have got it all covered.

  • Chocolate Bar

Every hormone is at its peak during this period. And as a mum, you have earned the right to give in to any midnight cravings you might have. Grab the bar when you need to satiate that sweet tooth or even as a snack before mealtime. You do you, mum.

The chocolate is sourced from an ethical brand that does not employ children to harvest cocoa beans.

  • Protein Bar

Trust us, a lot of your nights are going to be spent burning the midnight oil, and you will need a quick healthy snack to keep you energised. When you cannot leave the baby to whip up some food for yourself, these protein bars will come in handy.

  • Gum

Self-care takes a back seat when a baby arrives, but your social life is engaged as ever. More so now that everyone wants to see the little munchkin. If you got time to brush, great; if you don't, pop one gum into your mouth and say goodbye to bad breath.

  • Affirmation Cards

You are a hero, mum, and don't forget that. In case you do, we are here to remind you what a supermum you are. Read these affirmations when you feel low, and believe us when we say this- you got it.

  • Donation

We donate $2 from every hamper sold to because we know how important it is for women to feel supported and have strategies to get through the sometimes dark days of early parenting.

  • Maternity Supplies

Postpartum is al about comfort for the Mama. Don't worry; we saved you a trip to the stores, New Mama Kit has those extra-large disposable undies and maternity pads to help keep you as comfy as possible.

  • A Bottle Of Sparkling

If the mother needs a dose of her mommy juice once in a while, we have the best option. A bottle of sparkling piccolo for the days she needs to relax and rejuvenate before picking up the mantle of supermum again.

  • Silk eye mask and earplugs

When you are a mum to a newborn, there is no saying when you will get time to shut your eyes. But do not worry, even if you have to nap in the middle of the afternoon, we got you covered, mum. Put on the silk eye mask and earplugs, and enjoy what little sleep you can get.

  • Soluble fibre sachets

Do you struggle every time you go to the loo? Funny how you have delivered a whole baby but can't get rid of yesterday’s lunch! The soluble fibre sachets will help you deal with postpartum constipation because we know there has been enough pushing for now!

New mama kit has some of the best pregnancy gifts for first time mums. Choose your favourite basket from our range of all-inclusive, practical, and cute gift hampers. We are sure she will love each one of them!