Best gifts to go in a gift box for a new mum? Our Top 8 gifts are unboxed.

Unwashed hair, banana bread crumbs in the fold of her belly, a cold cup of tea, a bit of spew on her shoulder and heavy eyelids reminiscent of the good old clubbing days. These are the unwanted gifts a new mother receives from life after giving birth to her new baby.

There’s no denying the glam factor. We are yet to find a gift box that contains a quiet room, warm glow of sunshine peeking through the curtains, scones with jam and cream or abundant sleep, there are an abundance of special gifts to go in a giftbox for a new mum that comes close. We have listed our Top 8 best gifts below and our range of gift boxes for your favourite new mum.

Sometimes we can’t be there for the New Mum

These days you can find pamper gift hampers infused with luxe and useful goodies to make life easier and smell much nicer (10 nappy changes a day anyone?). Whilst rewarding and beautiful, the early weeks and months of parenting can also be challenging. Unfortunately, now more than ever friends and family simply can't always be there to lend a hand especially if they live far away or overseas. It’s no wonder we make a big effort to give her something super special to chase away those baby spews, ah sorry, blues, and let her know she is amazing, powerful, loved and deserving of indulgence.

Self care and postpartum recovery

When we speak to new mums they tell us how difficult it is to prioritise self-care in those early weeks and months. #nosleep #notime #noenergy.

Sending a gift box that is the perfect balance of pampering gifts and useful gifts goes a long way to make life a little easier. Sprinkle a little humour with our condom and Metamucil sachet - trust us, a new mum needs any excuse to LOL in those early days - and you have the perfect potion to make your fave mama feel special and cared for.

Over the years we have asked, tested and co-created with new mums our own gift hampers. We want to share the most popular best gifts for a new mother. Below is a list of our top 8 pampering and useful gift ideas.

Gifts that pamper the New Mum

These are the deluxe, pamper me baby! gifts. Gifts that she can use at home, in bed, in her breastfeeding chair, with her baby on top of her or when she gets a few minutes of time to herself, even on the loo. She can use them herself - We’re looking at you satin eye mask and luxurious hand cream or someone can make her a steaming cup of aromatic tea or rub her feet with the soothing foot cream - We’re looking at you supportive partner!.

Top 8 Pampering gifts for New Mums:

  • Indulgent, mouth-watering chocolate
  • Relaxing, soft satin eye mask
  • Scented aromatherapy bath soak
  • Sparkling champagne for one
  • Scented, luxurious hand cream
  • Sigh all the way out foot cream
  • Soft, moisturising lip balm
  • Delicious, aromatic tea

Useful gifts for New Mums

These gifts are like the quiet achiever of the gift world. They’re not a huge fan of being photographed in their natural environment but they address the very basic earthly needs of new mums. We felt the absence of these products after our own births so they are now essentials in any gift box.

A new mum’s baby is an expert at sensing when the least convenient time is to want a feed - precisely when she is famished, thus enters the easy to reach and much packet of trail mix and protein bar. Visitors are coming, photos are taken and suddenly your new best friend is dry shampoo and breath mints. The stinging pain of the perineum is soothed by freezing a condom to make a padsicle to put in your big comfy undies. Don’t get us started on postpartum constipation…Here are our

Top 8 Useful gifts for New Mums

  • Maternity pads
  • Metamucil sachets
  • Condoms (to make a padsicle)
  • Comfy bamboo undies
  • Dry hair shampoo
  • Chewing gum
  • Trail Mix snack
  • Vegan protein bar

Whether she is a first time mum, second, third or fourth time mum, recovering in hospital or at home we have lovingly handpicked and tested each magical element in the gift hampers for new mums. Just for her. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, happy mum, happy baby. Our range of gift hampers suit every gift-giver and every new mum. See our range below to suit your desire to gift her what she deserves.

Our Deluxe Gift Hampers include:

Super Mama Gift Hamper

Luxurious New Mum Gift Hamper

Relax and Recover Gift Hamper

Our Premium Gift Hampers include:

First Time Mum Gift Hamper

New Mum Maternity Gift Hamper

New Mum Care Pack

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