2021's most practical gifts for New Mums

Becoming a mother is equal parts rewarding and exhausting, but undoubtedly one of the most special moments in a woman's life, so we believe that new mums deserve something super special to help them start their journey.
Whether it's something practical to make her new life easier, something extravagant and pretty just for a treat or something to help her navigate this new chapter in her life, we’ve rounded up our favourite gift ideas for new mums.

Plus, if you turn up to deliver it with an offer to hold the baby while she eats or showers, we guarantee that your efforts will be remembered for years to come!

A Gift For The New Mum

Not all postpartum gifts have to be for the new bub. A wonderful way to celebrate the new mum is treating her to a gift that will make her feel a little pampered, like bubble bath and bath salts, her favourite chocolate or doughnuts, an aromatic candle, a facial or massage voucher at her favourite spa or some super pretty (and comfy!) PJ's or loungewear which she will basically live in for the next 6 months (and won’t be so mortified when visitors come calling).

She will need to be awake A LOT, so her favourite coffee pods or a voucher for a local cafe would provide a lovely gift. Plus, there are going to be long stretches when she’s at home on her own, so a TV or magazine subscription will give her plenty to watch and read while feeding through the day and night.

New Mama Kit creates gift hampers especially for new mums (not their babies!) that are dedicated to their wellbeing and recovery. They put the mama first, honouring the amazing woman who has just given birth, because the ultimate gift to a newborn is, in fact, a happy, healthy mum! New Mama Kits have a selection of beautiful and practical curated hampers, including items such as chocolate, dry shampoo (a new mum saviour!), vegan lip balm and candles. Plus, delivery is free and hampers are dispatched within 24 hours to make it to the hospital in time - perfect for that personal gift when you can't actually drop by the hospital in person! We just love the idea of pampering the new mama a little!

Food, Food and more Food

Hand-delivering home-baked treats to the hospital (because who can really fathom hospital food for 4 nights straight?) is a lovely gesture. Mini croissants pastries are perfect as they can be picked up with one hand whilst attending to baby 24-7 with the other hand. If you’re good at baking, any savoury or sweet treats and snacks that are easy to store and eat (with one hand of course) will be greatly appreciated.

Most new mums are lucky to get out of their PJ's most days, so the thought of getting dressed, packing baby essentials, working out what to feed the fam, and tackling a grocery list with a newborn baby is overwhelming. Fresh food or meal subscription services will be her saviour. New mums are generally scoffing a meal when the baby sleeps or attempting to eat a one-handed meal while the baby sleeps on them! Lack of time is a huge obstacle to having balanced and regular eating habits. We think gifting a subscription is the perfect helping hand for new mums and also gives them the peace of mind that their dinners will be wholesome and packed with flavour. After all, the carer needs to be taken care of too!

With deliveries from HelloFresh to look forward to, new mums don’t need to face the supermarket, as fresh ingredients and quick, easy recipes will be delivered to their door!

And if your friend has just survived 9 months without Japanese food (and they are a fan), delivering some high-quality sashimi and sushi will go down a treat (I was besotted when my husband came with a tray from Azuma after my second born). Same goes for soft cheese, cold meats - anything that the new mum was deprived of for that long. Deliver it... STAT!

So whether you want to bake some goodies, deliver some seriously good takeaway or provide an awesome meal subscription, food will provide much-needed energy and feel-good feasting for the new mama!

A Cleaning Voucher

The new mama will be on “baby call” for the next 6 - 12 months with an endless cycle of eating, feeding and changing a million nappies on repeat! There will be mess and toys everywhere with limited time to deal with it. A lovely and helpful idea for new mums is a cleaning voucher. You can even do the groundwork for her and research some good cleaners in the area via Google or Air Tasker.

You could also purchase a voucher from companies like UrbanYou which can be used to book any cleaning, gardening, or handyman service from a network of trusted, pre-screened service professionals.

A Thoughtful, Hand-Made Hamper

Most new mums love receiving fresh florals to make their home smell lovely and give her there is something vibrant to look at apart from those hospital walls. While spending a small fortune on florals is tempting, the excitement will likely last a day and then she has to worry about transporting the flowers back home, feeding them, trimming them, washing vases etc - not an ideal situation for a new and busy mum. You can still make her room look uber pretty with a carefully selected hamper.

Start with a decent box, crate or basket that she can re-use. Try Ikea, Howard’s Storage or even The Reject Shop. You can then add anything you like, including clothes, cute shoes, socks, hair bows, nappy wipes, baby lotions, books, and don’t forget nappies (the new baby will go through on average 1,800 nappies in its first year of life). Throw in a soft plush bear, some cellophane and ribbon and you have just provided a pretty package for the new mum and bub.

Handy Medical Supplies

You could put together a not-so-fancy gift box of essential “‘medical” supplies that every mum needs at some point. Think Baby Panadol, Fess spray, a baby thermometer, Gastrolite, nail scissors etc. It will save the new mum late night chemist runs when the baby inevitably gets sick in their first year.

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