Awesome gift ideas for first time dads

So the baby will be soon into the world, or is already here? That is a special feeling for mums, but it is equally memorable for the dads too! Being a dad for the first time is an irreplaceable feeling! And since everyone plans surprises for the baby or new mums, planning a present for new dads can make a greater contribution in imparting the feelings to dads.

And along with this comes a question: what exactly makes an excellent present for first-time dads?

How to choose a gift for a new dad?

Well, if you are looking forward to the answers to these queries, you have come to the right place. Read on to get acquainted with the exciting gift ideas for new dads!

Best gifts for first time dads!

  • New favourite whisky set

Since being a dad for the first time calls for a celebration, gifting the daddy a whisky set can be the best possible choice. Engrave the child's name on the collection and make it more personalised to give a greater impression on the mind. This will help them remember the gift forever and makes them super excited to celebrate their step into the new daddy's world!

  • New Dad Kit

Surprise the new dads with the new dad kit. This gift hamper includes everything that is required for celebrations. And not just the celebration drink but everything that can make them super excited for the celebrations. Trust us this could be one of the best gifts for first time dads. Shop for a new dad gift at Sydney-based gift hamper store New Mama Kit and have the package delivered straight to the New Dad’s doorstep.

After all, being a new dad is an irreplaceable feeling where nothing should be left behind!

  • A personalised World’s Best Dad Sign

Ok this might sound corny, but give the new dad an excellent piece of wall décor. You can choose to customise the design with the beer bottle caps carved on the wood pieces saying World's Best Dad!

This gives a special feeling to them and makes them stay super excited to take this new responsibility with utmost care.

  • The New Dad’s favourite game

Being a new dad is not about getting responsibilities or getting mature! It's about reliving your childhood with the mini-you! And this is the greatest reason for celebration!

Gift the new dad a game of his choice and let him cherish this new beginning with an inner child in him! Let it become a memorable part, though it's already but how about bringing out a child in him? Balls, Board Games, cricket set, beach set, trucks and trains… go nuts and gift his inner child!

  • Camera

Kids grow up so fast while doing some of the funniest things. And since parents don't wanna lose even a single moment, gifting a camera would assure that they are capturing everything! Photographs take you back to the moment that was precious to you. Gifting a camera would be a fantastic way for the new parents to capture moments that are precious to everyone, and is a great role for the new dad to take on.

Bottom Line on New Dad Gifting:

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the best gifts for first time dads! Every dad is unique in their own way and sharing gifts is a way of expressing happiness. Pick up the idea of your choice and mark a memorable moment with the newborns and the new daddy! Shop for a gift for new Dad nice and early so you know it will get to him in time for the birth. Alternatively, wait until the baby is born and celebrate his new role by sending a new dad gift to his workplace when he returns to work.

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