A Tempting Postpartum Gift Box for New Mums

When a woman becomes pregnant, all her friends and family start purchasing things for the baby. Except for the really smart friends… who understand the importance of the well-being and health of the mums. Shopping for a newborn is fun, but thanks to the New Mama Kit team, shopping for a new Mama or pregnant woman is fun too!

New Mama Kit offers a wide range of postpartum gift box ideas for new mums. There are so many ways a woman's body, mind, and spirit get impacted which require proper care and love. We understand that it is very challenging to experience giving birth to a newborn. Before purchasing goodies for the baby, you should buy postpartum gift boxes for the new mum.

New mums deserve beautiful gift hampers from their loved ones showing care and love for them. It is the right time to show how much you care for them by giving postpartum gift hampers, including every necessary item. A woman struggles for nine ot ten months and takes care of the baby after the birth. Are you looking for a postpartum gift box to pamper your friend after she gives birth? New Mama Kit delivers impressive gift hampers for new mums. We are trying to bring back the importance of everyone in the postpartum period for every mum. We help people to create an accepted and safe space for this recovery period of every new mum. Provide your support and encouragement to the new mums.

What goes into a Postpartum Gift Box?

While everyone focuses on the baby, give something tempting to a new mum that she needs. Explore the below wide range of gifts for new mums. Choose the best-suited postpartum gift box and send it to a new mum to show your love and care for them.

A Salt or Sitz Bath

Giving vaginal birth is tough, and taking care after delivery is more challenging. In the first two weeks after birth, it is necessary to take care of and clean your vaginal part properly. We recommend you gift your friend becoming a new mum a 'Sitz Bath', which offers instant relief to every new mum. You can add this item to your postpartum gift box and send your love to a new mum.

Belly Essentials

A belly band is the best supportive product to help a new mum hold her growing tummy. It allows mums to keep balance and reduce the strain on their backs. For a new mum, it is one of those times when her belly needs support. We advise you to add belly oil or stretch mark cream to your postpartum gift box and make it extremely useful for new mums.


Every new mum deserves to get pampered with something sweet and delicious. If the new mum you want to surprise is a chocolate lover, you should include chocolates in your postpartum gift box. She will enjoy this pampering gift hamper, including a sweet treat inside. Make the new mum enjoy every moment after her beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Choose a Postpartum Gift Box

Celebrate the struggle of sleepless nights of new mums by giving unique gift hampers from New Mama Kit. We offer a range of pregnancy and postpartum gift hampers for lovely mums. "Postpartum Recovery Hamper" is one of our gift hampers you can choose to surprise the new mum. This hamper by New Mama Kit includes body oil, an eye mask, milk chocolate, herbal tea, lip balm, and many more items.

Postpartum Recovery Hamper

Shop from New Mama Kit and receive something that says you care. A postpartum gift box is a fantastic way to show your care and support for a new mum.