A quick guide to buying maternity leave gifts at work

As she swaps high heels and Friday night drinks for a 24-7 caring role and sobriety - isn’t it time we stepped up and farewelled our valued staff with a maternity leave gift that she will use and appreciate?

If it seems like there’s a maternity leave gift to buy, like, every other day at your workplace (literally this is the case for large organisations!) - it’s not your imagination… there are over 3000,000 babies born in Australia each year. And from what we can see, there’s a whole lotta gifts being purchased that are seriously boring, typical and just not as good as they could be!

A Real Estate Agency recently approached us because they felt they were letting their staff down with the maternity leave gifts they were coming up with at the last minute. They purchased flowers and chocolate each time. Our advice, as a niche gift hamper business that caters specifically for pregnant women and New Mums, was to think about the new role she is about to take on, outside your workplace. And we came up with this quick guide to buying maternity leave gifts at work:

Make the gift one she can open now, and appreciate later. That way she’ll think of her wonderful colleagues when she’s ready to use her gift. Examples include massage, yoga class or a food delivery service.

Make the gift about HER, not her baby. For starters, you don’t even know her baby yet, so just make it about her! Examples include her favourite bottle of champagne, an expensive moisturiser she would never buy herself.

Buy from an online retailer so she can either change the gift, change the delivery details or redeem the gift when she’s ready - all from the comfort of her slippers on the couch at 3am! Examples include an online clothing voucher, a photobook or a cleaning service that comes to her home.

Give her something she can open at her farewell, not just an email voucher code! She needs to feel appreciated, but not overwhelmed with a mountain of flowers she can;t get home on the bus. Examples include printing out the voucher with an image and a card that everyone has signed, or a voucher attached to a bottle of champagne (not a case of wine!)

Search “maternity leave gifts” or search the hashtag. It’s best to choose gifts that are purpose-made for the occasions of maternity leave, birth and motherhood, by experts whoo really know what women want and need.

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