9 really useful Mum-to-be Gift Ideas

While your Mum-to-be friend is working on maintaining her healthy pregnancy; you can pick her up a gift from this list. Every single item listed here will make a mum’s life more manageable.

1. Nursing Pillows

70% of mums begin feeding their babies through breastfeeding. Nursing can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a comfortable position to hold the baby in. Having a nursing pillow can be extremely helpful. Nursing pillows can be secured around the waist, giving the baby some much-needed support. It can be used for bottle feeding as well!

2. Nipple Creams

A recent study of 340 new mums in Melbourne revealed that 79% of them suffered from nipple pain and 58% had their nipple damaged. New mums commonly experience these challenges due to the pressure caused by breastfeeding. Hormonal movement is another factor.

Nipple creams can ease any inflammation and provide a soothing feeling.

3. Tea

Herbal tea can be an excellent way to relax. Some teas are designed to balance hormones, making them ideal for women that have recently given birth. Additionally, teas are rich in antioxidants which boost the immune system and improve wound healing. However, mums should check with their doctors first before incorporating tea in their diet, especially those who are breastfeeding. This is due to the caffeine content of tea. We stock WomanKind Tea by Pukka Herbs.

4. Nursing Bras

Mums that have opted to nurse are going to need enough nursing bras to get through a full year. Why not purchase one or two to get her started? Look for seamless bras which are more comfortable to wear.

5. Nursing Hoodies

Some mums often feel frumpy after giving birth. A hoodie can keep mums stylish and comfortable. It can also make it easier to feed the baby. A hoodie made from fleece can provide plenty of warmth. If you give a fleece hoodie to a mum, she’ll likely reach for it all the time.

Note: All loving mums are beautiful!

6. Dark Chocolate

Essential survival gear for new mums shouldn't just include items for the baby. You should also look for items that can help mums to relax. Quality dark chocolate is the perfect treat.

According to Dr. Oz, dark chocolate helps control blood pressure. As a result, it keeps you looking and feeling younger. This type of chocolate is also loaded with antioxidants, which fight the signs of ageing.

It’s indeed a sweet treat that a new mum can feel good about! We choose Bloomsberry Chocolate, made in NZ.

7. A Gift Card for a Massage

New mums get limited time away from their babies, which is why it's important to make the most of relaxation time. A deep tissue massage is a wonderful way for mums to recover and relax. While many mums may not treat themselves to a massage, they'll be more willing to treat themselves if you offer them a gift card.

8. Cookbooks

According to health coaches at Monkeyfoodz, “When parents aren't eating properly, it can be difficult for them to handle the stresses of a newborn. It can be helpful to have access to easy and healthy recipes, including recipes that you can cook with one hand. The right cookbook will keep everyone properly fed. A book of recipes is specifically made with new parents in mind.”

9. Baby Carriers

Babies want to be held constantly. Mums can give this care to their babies easier with the right carrier. Find a quality baby carrier that has strong exteriors and durable interiors.

Let your friend/loved one enjoy this happy new mum moment!

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Make her life as easy as it can be!