9 Gift Ideas For a Corporate Maternity Leave Gift

When choosing a maternity leave gift for a colleague or friend, it’s important to remember that she is still an actual person - not just the Mother of a newborn… she hasn’t changed… she’s still herself. The rule I like to go by is that if it wouldn't make a great gift for a friend without kids, it's probably also not a great gift for a pregnant friend.

Karina Wolfin from baby goods rental company Directappliancerentals, deals directly with new Mums and Dads every day, and says “choosing gifts for mums-to-be can be difficult. With her life’s new stressors, it is important to bring her something that would let her renew and retrieve her Pre-Mum self.”

To help you select the perfect corporate maternity leave present, here are 7 gift ideas featuring things your pregnant colleague is likely to appreciate:

1. A Massage

Everyone likes to get massages every once in a while, but those who are pregnant really need them to ease the aches and pains. After all, being pregnant can be uncomfortable. A pregnant woman is carrying a lot of extra weight around including a baby, amniotic fluid, a placenta, and enlarged breasts. All the extra weight puts a lot of stress on the ligaments and joints. It's not hard to understand why many women going through a pregnancy spend a lot of time in the bathtub. Ask anyone pregnant which part of their body aches the most and they'll answer "Everywhere!". Get in your friend's good books by treating them to a pregnancy massage. Try Soothe.com because they come to her, where ever she lives!

2. Bump Journal

Pregnant women often have a lot of time to think… and worry. There's a good chance your friend is spending part of her days and nights worrying about the pregnancy, birth and health of her baby. Getting some of those thoughts down on paper can help alleviate some of the stress. A bump journal serves as a good place to write down to-do lists, potential baby names, and pregnancy symptoms. It can also serve as an outlet for cycling emotions. Many women also find that keeping bump journals helps them to bond with their unborn baby. Some journals have a special section where mothers-to-be can write letters to their unborn babies. New mama Kit Gift hampers include a notepad and pen to help her get thoughts to paper.

3. A Maternity Photoshoot

For some women, a maternity photoshoot might be their idea of hell, so don't choose this gift if you don't know your pregnant colleague well enough to know this is something they'd like. Meanwhile, if your pregnant friend loves showing off her growing bump, her glowing skin and thick glossy hair, a maternity photoshoot might be something she'd appreciate and the images can serve as a nice memory of her pregnancy for years to come.

Organising a maternity photoshoot with an experienced, professional photographer will ensure she gets some beautiful images of herself. Many maternity photographers work with professional hair and makeup artists who can give your friend a pamper session and make her look her best.

4. Organic Teas

If your friend is trying to cut back on caffeine or could benefit from five minutes of chill time; organic teas will help start the process. Organic teas are known for their calming effects and their roles in helping to lose weight and build strength. Your friend will face each day feeling renewed and positive. Here at New Mama Kit we choose teas from Pukka Herbs, because they include natural ingredients that are perfect for relaxing, rejuvenating, breastfeeding and healing.

5. Pedicure

It can be impossible to paint your toenails when heavily pregnant, so it's likely her feet aren't looking their best. Treating her to a pedicure at a local salon can make her feel better about herself as she prepares for birth. You can go with her and get your nails done as well!


6. Cardigan

A soft plush cardigan can put a smile on your friend’s face when she slips it on for a 2am, 4am and 6am feed!. Plus this is the kind of gift she can continue to use long after she's given birth. Try your local op-shop before spending big on a wool or cashmere cardigan for the New Mum.

7. Lactation Drink Powder Sachets

For some women it can be difficult to produce enough milk to meet the demands of a growing newborn. Lactation drink powders are designed to stimulate production so a mother can continue breastfeeding her baby. As breastfeeding provides countless benefits for both mothers and babies, your friend is likely to appreciate having some lactation drink powder sachets in stock.

8. Post-Partum Herbal Pads

After the baby is born, your friend is probably going to want to stick to all-natural products to aid the healing process. Herbal pads contain infusions of herbal remedies that are known for their healing properties. Herbal remedies have been turned to by mothers all of the world for centuries. After giving birth, a woman must have healing time and a chance for self-restoration and self-connection. Herbal remedies don't only promote a faster recovery, but can also help new mothers going through big emotional shifts. Try adding a herbal perineum spray to your gift hamper!

9. Your Company

When going on maternity leave, there can often be a weird vortex of time before the baby arrives that many women struggle to fill. Your friend won't want to venture far from home in case she goes into labour, but cabin fever is a big possibility if she has little to fill her days with. A lot of her friends are likely to be busy working during the week, leaving her feeling alone and isolated.

You can help to break up those long empty days by providing her with some company. Invite her to have lunch with you during your break if there's a cafe not too far from her home and your place of work. Alternatively, you could stop off at her place after work with some takeaway food.

However, make sure you give her a ring first to check she's up for having visitors. You might even want to take a day's holiday from work to visit her or take her shopping for some goodies for the new baby. Just your presence can help make your heavily pregnant friend's day better and it doesn't cost you anything but some time.

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