Why are all the baby shower gifts for the baby? Here are 7 great alternative gifts that are all WOMAN and no BUB!

  1. A food delivery roster among close friends, to ease the stress and cost of trying to care for a newborn and feed yourself.
  2. Engraved necklace with the birth date: kind of like awarding a gold medal for the toughest and best day of your life!
  3. A thoughtful gift hamper filled with items to help her heal faster and feel better: If you don’t have time to DIY, try www.newmamakit.com who have three kinds of hampers and deliver to homes or hospitals.
  4. A new iphone with loads of storage, because being a mama comes with great photographic responsibilities, and much more data storage will be needed (obviously a group present).
  5. A pair of pure wool Ugg boots: hey, she’ll be spending a lot of time at home initially, and should be comfortable!
  6. Bottom spray: Yes, we said bottom spray. A herbal perineum spray that doubles as a c-section scar spray will soothe any areas that are swollen or need to be kept clean…and they smell gorgeous!
  7. A massage: when she’s ready to have an hour to herself, there’s nothing more nurturing than a good quality relaxing massage. Try to choose one close to her home, and offer to babysit!
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