5 ways you can make the baby shower about the woman, not her baby

  1. Consider a red-thread ceremony, where one red string is continuously looped around the wrists of every woman attending, a blessing is offered from every woman, then the thread is cut and tied as a bracelet that every woman wears until the birth.
  2. Ask guests to bring a bead to string on a wire that she can wear or have at the birth.
  3. Ask the pregnant woman what she would love to eat, and what will nourish her most. It might still be cupcakes, but at least that’s her choice!
  4. Consider the woman’s taste. If she loves to upcycle and is environmentally conscious, consider that plastic plates and cups is not honouring her, so go for ceramic or recycled paper instead.
  5. Organise a cork board so friends can write messages of love and pin them up for the woman to look at in the lead-up to the birth and when she’s home in those first few weeks
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