2022 Holiday Gift Hampers for New Mum Australia

It is that time of the year again! The Holiday Season has descended upon us, and it isn't easy to contain our excitement. Big and bright trees, carols, eggnog, and rum cakes- Christmas is the most beautiful time. Want to know our favourite part? It is the time to exchange presents!

What to Include in a Gift Hamper for New Mums?

Gifting is an acquired talent. Finding a perfect gift for someone takes work. Here are a few tips for creating the best Festive hampers for new mum Australia this Holiday Season

  • Snacks

What is a gift hamper without some decedent snacks? You can add chocolates, healthy snacks like a protein car or trail mix, and candy cane treats. Include her favourite treats in the gift basket.

  • Self-care Products

Even if the mum cannot go out for a makeover, bring the spa to her. The mum is already alight with her pregnancy glow and does not need much to look put together. Products like bath salts, oils, and lip balm will help her relax and feel good.

  • Coffee (or Tea)

Remember when we used to function sanely without coffee? Neither do we! It may be psychological, but a cup of coffee in the morning gives us a significant boost to last throughout the day. Include a jar of coffee or a few sachets of coffee samplers to bring the cafe home to the new mum.

  • Maternity Supplies

New Mums go through maternity supplies as a baby goes through diapers. Help her refill her postpartum stock by including basic supplies like padsicles and pads. This addition will make your basket the best hamper for new mum Australia.

  • A bottle of Sparkling

A celebration is incomplete unless you open a bottle of bubbles! If the new mum is still breastfeeding, she cannot consume alcohol, but do not exclude her from the celebratory traditions altogether. A bottle of non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine such as Piccolo packs the right punch without the alcohol content.

New Mama Kit Gift Hamper for New Mum Australia

In this modern age, people are too busy to make DIY gifts. It is easier to go out and buy something rather than to source and make anything from scratch. But most times, it misses the warmth and affection of a handmade present. What if we tell you that you can get a handmade gift hamper with all the above items packed with utmost love and care? Yes!

New Mama Kit has handmade gift baskets filled with love and care.

These hampers for new mum Australia are all-inclusive, practical, and adorable. There are so many options to choose from as well. Experienced mums handpicked all the items that make the hamper the perfect gift for new mums.

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Now you can save time and rest assured that the gift you get for the new mum is as benevolent as your concern for her. Even if it is a last-minute gift, we are confident that the new mum will love and cherish our hampers! We offer free shipping pan Australia and provide an option for express shipping.

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