20 Not-So-Boring Maternity Leave Gift Ideas for 2020

Flowers? A Card? In 2020, Maternity Leave Gifts don’t have to be boring! Here are 20 ideas that will win you the ‘Best Colleague Award’ and make her smile, right when she needs it most.
  1. Dinner Ladies Voucher (so she does’t have to think about cooking)
  2. Newborn Photoshoot (because she might not justify the expense herself)
  3. Hamper with New Mum Essentials (to show her you are all over #postpartumrecovery
  4. Silk Eye Mask (for improved power naps)
  5. Organic Instant Coffee (for a quick energy hit)
  6. Bamboo Socks (for cold nights up feeding)
  7. Notepad and Pen set (incase she forgets her baby’s name!)
  8. Soothe Massage Voucher (they do in home visits to most parts of Australia!)
  9. 12 months of Netflix (because there’s so much couch-time in the early months)
  10. Piccolo Sparkling Wine ( so she can celebrate without opening a full-size bottle)
  11. Scented candle (to cover up the funky baby smells in her home)
  12. An online women’s counselling service (so she can get instant support without leaving her home)
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