10 Ways to Write a Birth Congratulations Message

Writing a heartfelt birth congratulations message to the new parents in your life can be a daunting task, especially when 21st-century families come in all different forms.

Looking back upon hand-written, thoughtful, and cheeky messages is a beautiful way to reflect on the excitement of parenthood in the years to come – and is one of the best gifts you can give someone!

We’ve put together a variety of ways to help you express the excitement of welcoming a beautiful new bub into the world – no matter what your relationship to the parent.

1. How to write a birth congratulations message to a first time parent

Wish them luck, express your excitement, and offer to be there for them.

“Delighted to hear that your new baby arrived safely. I am beyond happy for the three of you.”

“The day has finally arrived, and so has your little miracle. I couldn’t think of any two people more perfect together for embarking on the amazing journey that is parenthood.”

“Well done, and welcome to your beautiful new baby. May she/he bring you lots of tears of happiness. I am beyond thrilled for you.”

2. How to write a birth congratulations message to an already hands-on parent

They already know what they're in for, so focussing on their wellbeing and recovery, and including the sibling are your best options.

“A huge welcome to your beautiful new baby. With siblings like hers/his, I’m sure the house will be filled with laughter and joy for many years to come.”

“To an absolute superhuman of a Mum, Congratulations on number two! Please let me know if I can lend a hand – always happy to pop over to change a nappy or two.”

3. How to write a birth congratulations message to a mum of twins

Send two cards (?) or go with one of these fun options:

“Double the trouble, but twice the fun. Congratulations on your precious baby twins. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.”

“Thank goodness we’ll only have to remember one birthday - at least you’ll never have to fight over who gets to hold the baby. Congratulations on your beautiful new twins.”

4. How to write a birth congratulations message to a single Mum

It won't be easy, so just be there for her, in what ever expression that takes.

“You truly are incredible – there’s no doubt that your new bub will be the luckiest little one on the planet with a Mum like you. Congratulations!”

"We can't wait to welcome your newest family member! Here for you both."

5. How to write a birth congratulations message to a blended family

Try to make the birth congratulations about the New Mum, because in this case she might well be forgotten by day 3 or 4!

“A warm congratulations on the arrival of your new bub. We know you are and will continue to be amazing parents. Wishing you joy for the many years to come.”

"To all of you - we can't wait to be part of your lives. Welcome bub and all the best for the first little while Mama."

6. How to write a birth congratulations message to adoptive or surrogate parents

If you know the parent intimately, you can

“What wonderful news! Congratulations on your beautiful new addition to the family.”

“We can’t wait to meet your new member of the family. A huge congratulations to you both – we know you’ll make brilliant parents.”

7. How to write a birth congratulations message from one parent to another

Honest and cheeky congratulations cards from someone who knows the ins and outs of parenthood are often amongst the most memorable and are good for a chuckle, years after the nappy-changing has stopped.

“May all your sleepless nights be rewarded with a smile…soon!”

“Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Welcome to the poopie party – it does get better. When you’re all settled in, we’d love to come and meet her/him.”

“May your bub bring you so much joy and happiness. We know you’ll love being parents. With love and best wishes...”

8. How to write a birth congratulations message from new grandparents to new parents

Grandparents tend to focus on the baby, but it's a good idea to include a message about the New Mum's health and the New Dad's promotion.

“Thank you for giving us the most beautiful grandchild in the world. You’re both going to make perfect parents. We know this baby will give a new dimension to your love and fill your lives with pure joy.”

"Now you'll know what it's all about! Karma, a challenge, or the most brilliant of life's rewards. You'll be great."

9. How to write a birth congratulations message from one partner to another

Writing a heartfelt letter or message to your wife or husband is a lovely and unconventional way to remember one of the most exciting, if not exhausting, periods of your parenting lives. Documentation means everything!

“To my darling wife/husband/partner, the most special of all people. There’s no one I can think of who I’d rather embark on this journey with; you gave me the best gift in the entire world. I love you more than you’ll ever know - here’s to keeping each other sane with the many sleepless nights ahead.”

“You are beyond amazing. No doubt, her/his birth is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. Congratulations, my love. I can’t wait to begin the rest of our parenting lives together.”

10. How to write a birth congratulations message from a group

Finally, putting together a collection of personalised well wishes on a large card, or even in video format, is an excellent way to congratulate new parents en masse. Each little message, complete with a personal touch, is a great way to combine the love – particularly if it is coming from a mother’s group, large extended family, or work cohort.

If there’s one thing to remember when writing a meaningful birth congratulations to someone you love, it’s always to approach it with a personal touch. If there’s an inside joke, a quote, or verse you’ll know they’ll love, include it! The messages we remember are the ones that come from the heart.

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Article by Sarah Imlay, New Mama Kit content contributor.